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Proteg GO Launches Guardian On The Go Mobile App And Service To Complement 911 [CES 2013]

Proteg-GO today launched “Guardian on the Go,” a smartphone app automatically supplying 911 emergency services with the locations of users in distress, even when someone is unable to verbally offer that information. Guardian on the Go also automatically alerts an individual’s choice of contacts and social networks of an emergency and provides periodic status updates until the situation is resolved.

Proteg-GO provides consumers, lone workers, senior citizens, teenagers and others with a convenient and multi-featured alternative to simply dialing 911 in US. Many public-safety answering points (PSAPs) are understaffed, vulnerable to disasters and incapable of converting GPS coordinates into street addresses, where applicable.

Guardian on the Go provides five major advantages over simply dialing 911:

  • Users simply touch the Crisis button on the app to alert Proteg-GO’s contact center and have their GPS locations automatically identified. This one-touch process eliminates the need for users to speak with an operator to provide their locations, which they might not be able to give if they’re in an unfamiliar place or too injured to communicate. Proteg-GO’s contact center also provides users with relevant safety tips and monitors them until they’re safe.
  • The app sends the alert, GPS coordinates and other information via SMS, which has proven itself as the fastest, most dependable way to communicate even when cellular and wireline networks are overloaded or disrupted. That dependability is one reason why some PSAPs are adding text-to-911 support, but that process will take several years to complete nationwide.
  • Proteg-GO’s contact center gives first responders the user’s exact location in a format they can use. That ability is a time- and potentially life-saving alternative in cases where the PSAP hasn’t upgraded its system to convert GPS coordinates into street addresses.
  • Proteg-GO’s contact center uses a proprietary, nationwide network to contact local first responders directly when PSAPs are overloaded or knocked offline. These alternative connections save time that could make the difference between life and death.
  • By providing an alternative way for people to alert first responders, Guardian on the Go reduces the workload for PSAP staff. As a result, they’re under less stress and can provide better support to people who choose to use traditional 911 services.

Guardian on the Go also provides users with an alternative to manually contacting friends, family, colleagues, employers and other people to alert them that they’re suffered an accident, assault, natural disaster or other emergency. From the app, users configure their Mobile Guardian Network: up to 15 contacts that are automatically alerted along with the Proteg-GO contact center. Users also can integrate their choice of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social networks to provide automatic alerts to additional contacts.

After issuing the initial alert, Guardian On The Go then provides periodic status updates to the Mobile Guardian Network contacts and social networks. Once users are safe, the app provides a convenient set of tools so they can quickly share photos, text and other status information with their friends, family, colleagues and employers.

Guardian on the Go currently supports Apple smartphones, with Android to follow later in January. Support for BlackBerry and Windows phones is planned for later this year. The Guardian on the Go app is $1.99 to download, and contact center support is $1.99 a month.


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