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RailYatri App For Android Is Useful For Getting Trains Updates

To make train travel stress free especially in inclement weathers, RailYatri mobile app has been introduced, which is a push notifications based Android app with localized and personalized information of 5000 trains and 8000 locations in India.


With RailYatri app, their is no need for the travellers to be glued to websites or find their travel status only after reaching the station. With this app, the travellers  will come to know  status of their waiting list, delays due to fogs, train cancellation, extra coaches or special trains.

Once the user has marked his or her train or station as favourite, the app will program itself to push important alerts about events affecting train travel based on the preferences set by the user. It features alert cards that send important alerts related to the users directly, eliminating the need to follow-up on train status. This app helps in updating with events that could affect a trip, including disruptions (cancellations, route change, delayed start), hotspots (accident sites, fog, places experiencing heavy rush) and lots more.

To get maximum value from the app, users can set the particular train (or route) as favourite as soon as the travel plan is finalized. In case there is an alert they will be notified. Alerts can be issued more than a month in advance, so the earlier they set their favourites, the more time they will have to plan.

The app can be customized to filter alerts by multiple trips, routes and/or stations set as favorites. In fact, the RailYatri app includes an exclusive database of local events leading to heavy rush and warns the users in advance if they are travelling through any such ‘hotspot’ station

This application is currently available on Android and can be  downloaded for free from: http://bit.ly/RYAnd


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