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realme GT 6 will be Armed with Sony LYT-808 50MP Camera 

The realme GT 6 which is set to launch globally on June 20, 2024, will be armed with a 50-megapixel main camera sensor: the Sony LYT-808.

The advanced camera system of the realme GT 6 is backed by a powerful Snapdragon 8s Gen3, that enables it to capture stunning, high-resolution photos in any lighting condition. Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, or low-light scenes, the realme GT 6  delivers exceptional image quality every time as claimed by realme. It features one of the largest sized sensors; 1/1.4″ and a wide f/1.69 aperture, with significantly higher light intake than its predecessor. It also supports 4K Dolby Vision video recording.

Coupled with OIS, it produces clearer and brighter images with less imaging noise, and presents richer details in dark areas. The 50MP telephoto lens, with an equivalent focal length of 47mm, excels in both portrait and landscape photography, offering outstanding image quality. The device supports realme’s exclusive HyperTone Image Engine, which processes images in the RAW domain with AI, making the tonal rendition more realistic and natural. Additionally, it includes Texture Portrait, Fast Capture, Night Mode, Star Mode, and Street Mode, making it a truly versatile photographer’s tool.

This phone integrates AI not just as a trendy addition, but as a core element that significantly enhances user experience. This is showcased in features like AI Night Vision, AI Smart Removal, and AI Smart Loop. The AI Night Vision Mode, an industry-first, powered by a sophisticated night video algorithm, automatically activates in extremely dark conditions, enabling the GT 6 to record impressively clear videos, matching the quality of phones with larger sensors. Similarly, AI Smart Removal simplifies photo editing by identifying and erasing unwanted objects or people from images, seamlessly filling in the background for a natural appearance. 

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days!


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