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Realme Reveals the Design of the Upcoming realme 13 Pro Series 5G

Realme today revealed the design of the upcoming realme 13 Pro Series 5G. Its design has Monet-inspired aesthetics. The realme 13 Pro+ 5G and realme 13 Pro 5G will be available in Monet Gold and Monet Purple colors for the glass back panel edition, and in Emerald Green for the vegan leather option.

A result of realme’s partnership with Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), the realme 13 Pro Series 5G features meticulously crafted designs inspired by Monet’s “Haystacks” and “Water Lilies.” Available in two variations, each with its own unique aesthetic, where Monet Gold is inspired by Monet’s golden haystacks under sunlight, where the hues radiate warmth and tranquility; the Monet Purple reflects the serene beauty of blooming water lilies, which embodies elegance and vitality. 

Monet’s dedication to capturing the ephemeral nature of light and shadow is legendary – he created 25 paintings of “Grainstacks” and an astounding 250 paintings of “Water Lilies” throughout his lifetime. His goal was to capture the same scenes at different times of the day and across various seasons, preserving fleeting moments in timeless art. Inspired by Monet’s artistic vision, realme selected two of the most classic masterpieces from this series.

Harnessing the innovative Miracle Shining Craft, millions of shimmering particles are meticulously brushed onto high-gloss AG glass. This technique faithfully reproduces the dynamic interplay of light and shadow found in Monet’s works. From every angle, the glass exhibits mesmerizing flashes, inviting users to experience the tactile nuances reminiscent of impressionist masterpieces.

The realme 13 Pro Series 5G also features the iconic Sunrise Halo design which ensures a 360° luxury watch-level texture. Each detail reflects meticulous craftsmanship, enhancing the smartphone’s aesthetic appeal and ergonomic comfort, overall adding to the premiumness of the smartphones.

The realme 13 Pro Series 5G is set to launch in India this month. Stay tuned for more updates!


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