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Saavn Music Streaming App Adds Social Features

Saavn music streaming app has launched today Saavn Social, a set of in-app social features aimed at making music streaming a shared experience. The new features will make it possible for the users to Tag, Follow, Chat, and Share on Saavn, which will help millions of music listeners around the world to engage with friends’ listening activity more intuitively and seamlessly than ever before, while using their favorite music to express emotions, memories, and ideas with the tap of a button.

One of the most unique new features is the ability to Tag one or multiple friends in songs and playlists. Everyone tagged can comment on the content and engage in Music Chats for real-time digital conversations around music, as stated by Saavn in its press release.

Moreover, with the Saavn update (iOS 3.6; Android 3.4), users who log into the app using Facebook will now be able to:

· View a list of their Facebook friends who are also on Saavn;
· Follow friends’ profiles, playlists, and listening activities;
· Follow specific playlists, artists, and celebrities;
· Receive notifications when artists they follow add new music;
· Tag friends in songs, playlists, and albums to launch in-app Music Chats;
· Customize notification settings and have complete control of the experience.

The latest Saavn update also represents the first cross-platform launch for the music app, with the new features made available across iOS, Android, and Web simultaneously.

According to Saavn, they had 11 million monthly users till January, 2015, and 2 months later, they have reached a new milestone of nearly 13 million users.


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