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Samsung Has Ambitious Innovative Plans For Future Devices

South Korean giant Samsung  is on the verge of taking next giant step to introduce innovative and path-breaking technologies to its mobile devices. This has been necessitated by the facts to keep its leadership status intact and move forward with new developments to attract the interest of the investors and future customers.


Samsung has indicated that it has ambitious plans to introduce foldable mobile phones with high resolution displays and high-powered camera of 16MP or more. Moreover, the company is looking at the converged functionality of tablets and notebooks in a more mobile form.

During Samsung’s analysts event in South Korea- its first in eight years- the company announced that it is progressing well to deliver  smartphones with full 4K definition and handsets that are fully foldable, rather than simply have flexible screens, by 2015. By the end of 2014, the company says that it will be able to offer mobile devices with a resolution of 560ppi — almost double the pixel density of an HD screen. Samsung will be bringing 16 megapixel sensors to its flagship phones in 2014, and also confirmed that it is developing its own 64-bit processor which will also soon find its way into mobile devices.

Samsung also believes that consumers are now more interested in multitasking features in the mobile devicecs and Samsung’s popular devices like Galaxy Note series and Galaxy Mega have met with the imagintion of such customers who want functionality of notebook and tablet in smaller package. The demand for these devices would rise and we can expect many more such devices with more features in the coming months. Currently, these devices are called phablets. During his presentation, JK Shin, head of the mobile division and Samsung’s joint CEO, insisted that they should be called “fonblets” and that the company will continue to refer to its larger screen voice-calling-enabled devices, from the Galaxy Note III to the Galaxy Mega, as fonblets.

Samsung also realises that in many cases its software is not upto the mark and hence they will be spending considerable amount of its annual R&D budget to fixing the problem of software and improving the user experience.

Although foldable devices are few years away from now, but in the coming months we can expect to see lot of innovative smartphone devices from the stable of Samsung. The year 2014 will be very interesting from the perspectives of Samsung.



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