Samsung Announces Apps For Father’s Day


To celebrate Father’s Day on 16th June, Samsung has announced few apps for its smartphones to be gifted to your dear father.


Family Wall

Family Wall is the easiest way to share all that matters securely and privately with your family. You can easily catch up with your family, know there where they are, send messages to one or many family members, organize family event.


Easy Mobile Banking
For all the fathers who handle all the bank details of the family, this app will tell you everything about mobile banking, which will help you in providing you the best knowledge related to the mobile banking, so just download this amazing app and enjoy.

Price: Rs 99/-

This application helps parents to take care of the basic things in mind which they often forget while taking care of their children. Being a parent is the most difficult and interesting role of a person’s life and this app by Samsung will help you be the best parent ever.



Golf Personal Trainer
For all those Golf playing fathers, this app is filled with essential and helpful tips to improve your golf game. Topics include golf basics, stance, equipment, swinging, driving, putting, and more. These easy-to-follow and effective instructions will give you new confidence on the course.

Price: Rs 150/-


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