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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Speculations About Features

Ever since the announcement of the future release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4,there have been exciting speculations about the possible features of this new device. The Galaxy note series popularised the ‘phablet’ phenomenon, now the demand for these hybrid devices are on the rise. The new device will no doubt be equipped with the latest cutting edge technology that will make the life of the customers much smoother than before.

Following is an impression how Note 4 may look like:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4Some of the possible features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will most likely have a bigger display screen. The size of the screen will be definitely more than 5 inches. It will be between 5.5 and 6 inches.

  • The operating system of the phone will be android 4.4 Kitkat which will be a substantial improvement over the android 4.3 Jellybean operating system.
  • This phablet will come with a wireless charging system. Users of this device will be able to charge the phone without an adapter. By introducing a distance charging technique Samsung is providing more options to its customers. This will be a breakthrough in phablet manufacturing.
  • Rumours abound that this brand new device is going to have the option of 128 gb expandable memory. If this actually happens then Samsung will score a huge triumph over its competitors.
  • The phablet will be dust-proof according to some reports. It will also be resistant to water. There will no longer be the fear of rain harming your device. These features will definitely put the phone in most people’s wish-list.
  • The phone will come with an advanced stylus pen which will be much easier to use than the previous ones. The handwriting recognition feature will only allow the user to unlock the phone and other applications with his signature or any other code. No one else will be able to use the phone without the user’s aid. This feature is absolutely top notch.

Other characteristics of the phablet :

There may be some other characteristics that will enrich the phone’s existing features such as a 3d display which will make viewing possible from multiple angles. The screen resolution can also be higher. The phone will have front and back cameras with higher megapixels. Samsung’s sound quality has always been exemplary and this device will also maintain the standard as far as this area is concerned. The device will be definitely equipped with superb internal speakers.

Competition with Apple :

The Galaxy Note 4 is being designed with the objective of competing with Apple. Rumours of a coming iPhone 6 are also hot and people are awaiting the release of both these products. It remains to be seen which product becomes more popular with people. Samsung’s price will be lesser than Apple, something that might be more attractive to some people.
Ultimately though, it will be the features of the two devices that will be compared by product reviewers and their verdict can substantially influence customer opinion. Samsung knows this and therefore the company is trying to implement past feedback and create a device that will impress people by its overall performance.


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