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Samsung Galaxy S 5 Mockup Design And Expected Features

After Galaxy S4, what next? The simple logic says – S5! Samsung has launched successfully its latest flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, and has been able to hit sales of 10 million in less than one month, despite the fact that this model has yet to be introduced in some global markets. Despite some adverse comments of US analysts, who probably can’t digest Samsung’s success with its Galaxy range of devices,because they still see Apple’s iPhone as their darling, the Galaxy S4 is getting overwhelming response in all the markets wherever it is available. Nowadays, shelf life of smartphones are getting shorter and all the smartphones makers are expanding their established series of smartphones, very fast, and hence the buzz has started about the next version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone.


In such a scenario, it is quite natural that many tech geeks have started to speculate what will be the next flagship smartphone in Galaxy S series from the stable of South Korean giant Samsung. Their R&D personnels must be working hard to develop a path-breaking smartphone to encompass many new features, which are quite useful and will become an industry norm in the months to come. One of the features which is doing the round and is being incorporated in many devices is waterproofing & dust-proofing capabilities. These features are being highlighted by Sony in promoting its latest flagship smartphone – Xperia Z, and LG has also launched Optimus GJ, which is its first water-proof smartphone.Sony Mobile plans to launch another waterproof model, the Xperia ZR.


Samsung is also rumored to bring out rugged version of Galaxy S4, which will be water and dust-proof.


Taking cue from above developments, an Indian website 91mobiles.com has conceptualised some images of S5( reproduced above), which will be waterproof and dust-proof device and will be equipped with following features :

  • Android 5.0 Lime Pie OS, which Google is expected to announce
  • Metallic Design
  • 5.2″ inch screen
  • powerful 3200MAH batter
  • 2GHZ Octa-Core Processor
  • 4GB Ram
  • 16 MP Rear & 5MP Front camera
  • Smart Eye Tracking
  • 32GB/64GB/128GB capacities

In the days to come, more and more speculations will emerge and rumors mills will be churning out many images and probable features in the next smartphone of world-leader Samsung. The next flagship device of Samsung will keep tech experts busy and they will scratch their brains to predict what is brewing in Samsung’s lab.


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