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Kandle Flex – Flexible Lamp Head For eBook Readers [Review]

Amazon Kindle, DX, Sony Reader and other similar new generation eBook readers come with precision quality digital inks providing crisp reading conditions under moderate lightening conditions. However what if you were to read your favorite book or browse through a magazine during night time? What if the lightening conditions are poor? You know where I am getting to.

So what do you do? The solution is simple and aptly delivered by Ozeri, the creator of Kandle Flex. It’s a nifty tech gadget which sits on top of your eBook reader providing necessary reading light. As simple as that.

Kandle Flex is a clip on lamp head with innovative WideLip grip. It’s the WideLip grip which allows it to get a good grip of bezels of varying dimensions thus making it compatible with a whole range of ebook readers and also opens up the option of using it with other gadgets. Kandle Flex by Ozeri essentially consists of 3 parts viz. Lamp head, Gooseneck and Grip (WideLip).

Lamp Head

The lamp head consists of 3 X2 SMD LED bulbs which the company claims, need not be replaced (but there’s no way to test that!). These LED’s are powered by 2 CR2032 3V batteries capable of powering the bulbs for 25 hours (at length). Again, I couldn’t test this figure but after using it for nearly 16 hours I am yet to notice any light dimming of any sort.

Kandle Flex Boxed

On the sidelines of lamp head, there’s toggle for adjusting brightness of lamp. It has 2 modes i.e Low and High. And just to let you know there’s marginal difference between the brightness levels of these two alternating modes.

A worth mentioning point here. A day before writing this review, I had Kandle Flex turned on for 3.5 hours and surprisingly the LED’s played it cool! There was minimal heat generation (operating temperature was around 38 degree Celsius).


Yep, that’s what they call it. Funny name, isn’t it?! Anyhow, this is an interesting design inclusion. It’s an ultra flexible swivel which allows you to align the lamp head in any position you possible want! All I have is appreciation for Gooseneck and nothing else. Refer the images to get an idea.

Kandle Flex

WideLip Grip

This is a patent pending technology. The concept is fairly straightforward but brilliant. Kandle Flex holds onto a device with expandable grip. The grip expands in 2 fashion, on the mouth front and at the top. It’s kind of hard for me to explain it’s working mechanism but the point is, WideLip grip adjusts well to differing bezel width’s.


Kandle Flex is a must have product if you own an eBook Reader. There’s no second thought on that. However there’s another additional benefit for other users. Because of it’s flexible gooseneck and WideLip grip, the Kandle Flex can also be used with a number of other things viz. printed books (Yep. Tried it.), laptops (with no keyboard back-lit) and anything which needs light!

You can buy Kandle Flex for $30.37 from GearZap – Visit Here To Buy Now


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