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Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Android 2.3.6 Via OTA Firmware Upgrade (Official)

Hola!, Samsung Galaxy S2 owners….

Samsung has officially push a new firmware upgrade for “the best in the market” android device, Galaxy S2, upgrading it from Android version 2.3.4 to version 2.3.6 aka Gingerbread.XWKJ2 (might differ for different regions). You can get this update from Samsung Kies, install it if you haven’t to upgrade your device to the latest firmware or directly from the phone itself as it has been pushed as a OTA (Over The Air) update.

Although, I am not aware of the exact changelog but there were some notable differences in UI including:

  • Brightening of the bottom/top area of screen when trying to scroll at the page end/beginning
  • Home-screen can now be scrolled in loop (wasn’t there in version 2.3.4)

Apart from these 2 I couldn’t notice any significant UI changes.

Scratch the above points, these are version related improvements/additions. Just be happy that S2 now has Android version 2.3.6!

I do hope that Samsung has addressed the issue of Galaxy S2 heating up (next to rear camera) beyond usability via this update. A certain inconvenience.

Tip: Use Wi-Fi while installing this update. And ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged to avoid any inconvenience.


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