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Samsung & IIIT-Bangalore To Promote Academic & Research Interactions

Samsung has announced today that its R&D Institute in India, located in Bangalore , has entered into an agreement with the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore with the objective of fostering collaboration between the two institutions to promote academic and research interactions for industry-centric knowledge and skill development. The agreement was signed by Professor S. Sadagopan, Director of IIIT Bangalore and Dr. Jason Dongwon Kwak, Managing Director, SRI-B.

Event Pic- Samsung -IIIT association

As per Samsung, IIIT Bangalore would run educational programs to meet the human resources development needs of Samsung leading to specific degrees of IIIT-Bangalore through its Work Integrated Learning Programs. These programs will have the same standards as those offered on-campus, and will be equivalent to the corresponding degrees offered on-campus.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Jason Kwak, Managing Director, SRI-B said, “This collaboration will create an opportunity for some of the best minds engaged in academia and at Samsung to come together to identify and create relevant solutions in the areas of engineering & research. We look forward to exploring this relationship and are excited about the promise it holds for both parties.

Professor S. Sadagopan, Director, IIIT Bangalore, said on the occasion of the agreement, “We at IIIT Bangalore are very pleased with the launch of this program. We look forward to working with Samsung, a company that is a global leader and hope to co-create well thought out solutions for next generation challenges”.

Samsung has joined hands with IIIT, Bangalore, as this partnership will offer its employees an opportunity to enhance their academic qualification and synergize theory and practice on a sustained basis so as to be multi-skilled with exposure to upcoming technological areas.

As part of the agreement, Samsung would provide the necessary infrastructural facilities (such as classrooms with necessary equipment, library facilities, computer and communication facilities with access to electronic mail and Internet) for the smooth and effective conduct of the educational programmes.

The candidates admitted to the IIIT programmes under this collaborative arrangement will be treated as IIIT students and will be governed by the fee structure and academic regulations of IIIT and also by the service rules and regulations specified by Samsung.



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