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Samsung India Organises E-waste Awareness Program For World Environment Day 2016

Samsung India has organised a week-long E-waste awareness program for World Environment Day 2016.

As part of the program, Samsung ran a host of activities that educate and ensure awareness, at its two manufacturing units in Chennai and Noida; R&D centres in Delhi, Bengaluru and Noida, partner services across the country and all its offices. Informative videos and teasers and educative e-mailers with facts and insights were shared with employees; while special E-waste bins were put up across locations for employees to adhere to the Company’s philosophy of building a greener environment, so that they can inspire others to follow better E-waste management practices, as stated by the company in its press statement.

Special World Environment Day theme decorations were deployed at mobile service centres. These included notice board decoration and digital display of video, creatives, art or craft made of E-waste material (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and placing plants in and around the service centers. Employees are being encouraged to commute to office through greener mode of transport, adds the statement of the company.

Anurag Prashar, Vice President, Samsung India Electronics, said, “United Nations’ World Environment Day is an important time for everyone to remind ourselves of our responsibility towards the environment and to resolve that we should come together and work towards protecting the future of planet Earth. At Samsung, we are committed to a sustainable future that makes everyday living better and through this program our aim was to drive this change in thinking through a call for action.”

According to Samsung, when an electronic product reaches its end-of-life, they take it back, reuse it, recycle and reinvent it. Samsung Electronics is integrating multiple innovations into its business processes for efficient use of resources to contribute to the noble cause of environment preservation for the greater good of the society at large.

The global E-waste policy of Samsung Electronics supports recycling and remains committed to comply with India’s E-waste Management and Handling Rules.


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