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How Technology is Changing The Events Industry

Technology is playing a larger role in all types of events and event planning. The internet, mobile technologies and the latest IT systems are making it easier to organize events, to encourage more event attendees and to help improve future events held by an organization. Below are some of the ways technology is changing the events industry today.


Before the Event

When it comes to event planning, you have to prepare properly. The latest marketing technologies such as websites, social media pages and email marketing software make it much easier to reach large numbers of potential event attendees. Most of these platforms are free or cost very little to advertise on.

A wide range of paid online advertising methods makes it even easier to attract extremely targeted people who are more likely to attend the event you are advertising. Mobile apps for events in particular, allow you to interact with potential event attendees and those who will be attending your event.

Other people’s apps can be leveraged too. You can do this by displaying ads for an event in these other apps. The other app owner is paid for these ads and you attract potential event attendees.

During the Event

Almost every type of event such as corporate conferences, expositions and trade shows are becoming more interactive. Live streaming and video technology makes it possible to remotely attend an event. Recording an event is extremely easy to do with these technologies too. In some instances, an event can be held over the internet and attended by people from all over the world, by using webinar and video streaming systems.

After the Event

Once an event ends, it is vital to analyze the results of the event. Many businesses ignore this very important exercise, which is a big mistake to make. A range of analytics systems and IT systems let you gather important details related to each event you host. This information can be used to improve future events and lead to better preparation and organization in the run up to these future events.

Mobile apps, in particular the in app offerings that you can find here at DoubleDutch, record and allow you to create various activity reports about every action that takes place between the organization holding an event and each event attendee. This is extremely powerful and removes much of the guesswork associated with planning and holding a certain type of gathering.

Email marketing systems and social media websites can be used to great effect after an event. You have the unique opportunity to keep in contact with attendees, who may be interested in your future events. As well as this, these people will be more likely to recommend your future events if they have had a positive experience and you take the time to develop a relationship with them.

A large number of individuals, businesses and other organizations who hold different types of events are benefitting from the latest technologies available. These technologies have the potential to attract larger audiences and improve each stage of any event you host.


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