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Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum Held In Delhi To Showcase Various Components For Mobile Industry

1. VP Haejin Park

Samsung Electronics which is also pioneer in manufacturing various components used in mobiles manufacturing,  held its first Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum 2016 in New Delhi. In this forum, Samsung showcased its latest component technologies which can be useful for mobile manufactuerers in the region. Samsung also displayed various smartphones of leading brands such as Micromax, Xolo, Oppo, Vivo, QiKU etc. which are using various components manufactured by the company.


At this Forum, Samsung exhibited Dual Pixel image sensor that uses all pixels as a phase detecting auto focus (PDAF) agent to deliver instant auto-focus even in poor lighting conditions. This trend is now catching up and the majority of smartphones makers are adopting this technology. The 10-nanometer class LPDDR4 SDRAM is a high-speed, high-density, and power-saving memory built specifically for advanced mobile devices. Nowadays this is also becoming essential feature in the smartphones and the vendors are using upto 6GB of RAM in the smartphones. It allows seamless multitasking  with extended battery life. Various security solutions were also on display and Samsung experts explained all the aspects of displayed technologies.


Also displayed was power-efficient display driver solution that up-scales image resolution by up to four times, enabling high resolution display even with mid- to low-end mobile processors. Samsung also demonsrated at the event their display which is water resistant and once submerged in water, it still works fine. This display was used by Samsung in its Galaxy 7 and Galaxy Sedge, Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Samsung also demonstrated
Exynos processors and development platforms specifically designed for wearables, such as VR headsets and smart watches.


To show its latest innovations in components levels, Samsung invited more than 200 professionals from the industry, including major telecommunications providers, mobile device manufacturers and camera module companies to witnes their state-of-the art components and use them in their devices.

Samsung had held its first Samsung Image Sensor Forum last year in Delhi. Since India is one of the largest smartphone market in India and more and more companies have started manufacturing smartphones in India, Samsung has expanded the scale of the forum this year by showcasing the comprehensive lineup of its mobile component solutions. Samsung plans to strengthen its stature in India’s mobile market by providing high-speed, high-performance, and high-capacity mobile solutions.

“The world of semiconductor components is an exciting area in which we’ll continue to forge cutting-edge technologies that meet the demands of our customers,” said Haejin Park, Vice President and Head of Device Solutions in Southeast Asia, Samsung Electronics. “With a broad portfolio of value-added component solutions, Samsung will provide a strong foundation for the needs specific to here (India).”


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