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Samsung & Other Vendors To Test The Water With Tizen Based Devices – Reports

As per reports appeared in a Taiwan based online portal, Intel and Samsung Electronics have co-developed operating system Tizen,which is expected to be released in late June with Tizen-based devices such as smartphones, netbooks and in-vehicle infotainment to appear in the second half of 2012, according to inputs gathered by them from sources from PC players.

This could be smart move by Samsung to test the waters for one more operating system than Android and Windows, and to safeguard its future interests by not keeping all its eggs in one basket.

Intel and Samsung had announced their cooperation in September 2011 to develop a new operating system platform based on Intel’s MeeGo and Samsung’s LiMo platforms.  Taiwan-based players including Acer, Asustek Computer and High Tech Computer (HTC) are reportedly also supporting the Tizen project with HTC already planning Tizen-based products.

Asustek and Acer are also set to launch Tizen-based netbooks before the end of the third quarter and are mainly targeting emerging markets.

All the vendors of smartphones,tablets and notebooks want to keep with them wide options to use operating systems on their devices and in the fast changing pace of technologies and litigation worldwide, no company want to remain dependent on one company for success of its devices. All hardware vendors are well aware of risks invovled in testing new operating systems but it is worth taking for their future success and safety.


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