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Send Free SMS Anywhere In The World With JaxtrSMS Mobile App For Symbian, Android, Java, iPhone, Blackberry

Sending free sms has always been a struggle. Finding a reliable company, website which allows sending free sms is a struggle. If you have landed here looking for one such solution to send free SMS through a reliable service then I can assure you that you’ll not be disappointed after reading this article.

Jaxtr, a company which has been acquired by Sabeer Bhatia (of Hotmail fame) run Sabse Technologies Inc. is offering a mobile application to send completely free of cost SMS to anywhere in the world! Termed as JaxtrSMS, it is a mobile app available for Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, Android and Java platform, installing and activating which allows you to send SMS to anyone and anywhere. Using JaxtrSMS you can send free sms to any mobile number, from your phonebook or otherwise. And the best part is that the receiver need not have this application installed on his/her mobile phone. Insanely cool, I’d say!!!

Free SMS With JaxtrSMS – Really?

JaxtrSMS is available free of cost and the entire process of sending SMS is free except when you install the application for the first time. During the first run JaxtrSMS will ask you to send an SMS to your own number (Silly… Eh?!) just to verify that you are actually you! This text message will cost you a nominal fee (NO International SMS charge). Thereafter you’ll receive a SMS from +16506441371 (from Jaxtr server) containing a link which you need to click to verify your phone number. From hereon everything is free…! You can send free text message to anyone in the world, including India, without spending a dime.

What I Think About It…

I tried sending SMS to my friend in India and all of them delivered within few seconds without fail. Pretty impressive, I must say. Another thing that caught my eye was the threaded SMS view within the application itself. All the text message that you send or receive (from another JaxtrSMS app user) are shown in threaded conversation view. This made it really easy for me to track the text messages that I have sent.

All in all JaxtrSMS is a “must have” mobile application for anyone looking to save sms cost and/or is fed up of TRAI’s 200 SMS per day limit (For Indian consumers). Besides you can send 480 character sms in one go, way more than what telecom operators provide for. JaxtrSMS will be a tough competition for 160by2.com and way2sms.com.

You can download the latest version of JaxtrSMS through the following links:

Note: I need to tell you this but just for the sake of it, JaxtrSMS mobile application requires internet access (4G, 3G, EDGE, GPRS) in order to send SMS. And every message has “This SMs was sent using JaxtrSMS” or a similar watermark.



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