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Send Free SMS’s, Communicate With Your Friend With hike Android App

Whatsapp, Liveprofile, Viber, etc. There are couple of worthy end to end messaging clients allowing you to communicate with your friends for free. However all of these mobile applications have one common limitation i.e both the users need to have the app installed.

Overcoming this carried forward limitation, hike has made it’s mark in mobile app world. Developed by Bharti SoftBank, a product group in New Delhi, India, hike serves 2 purposes,

  • It acts as a free messaging client requiring hike to be installed on both the devices,
  • If in case the app is not installed on the receivers mobile phone then the message is sent as a regular sms!

Great part is that the free sms functionality is renewed every month. You can send free sms to non-hike users with no carrier charge! As of the moment of writing this article, every hike user is allowed to send 100 sms’s per month to those who do not have installed hike on their device and are residing in India. Yes, the free sms functionality (and the app) is only applicable to Indian users.

Another added benefit available to hike users is that for every friend you invite to hike, you get additional 50 free sms credits per month! I believe this is just a promotional offer until a good number of user base is generated. Marketing gimmick but pretty useful to end users 🙂

I installed hike just because of the added ability to send messages to non-hike users, something Whatsapp misses out on. And since then I have it installed on my device even though there’s just a couple of people using hike. The reason why I stuck to it apart from “freebie” is it’s simplicity. No bloat, just plain simple, beautiful app to send across your messages.

If you reside in India then this is a must have app for your android device. Give no further thought. Install and start hiking now!

hike is available for free in Google Play Store. Install it using the image link below.


  1. I like the features of this Hike App as there is no use of app getting installed in both the devices, That means i can get connected any time to any phones consumer.


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