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Send, Receive SMS From Computer With MightyText Android App

The problem with texting is that you have to be near your mobile phone in order to read/reply to sms. Since their inception we have co-related proximity of cell phone’s to sms thus essentially making them depend on one another.

Now, with advent of mobile internet and constant eye ‘smashing’ in front of computer screens, an android developer has put forth the solution to all this. MightyText android app lets you stray away from your android device and still be able to read/reply/receive/send text messages right from your computer! No need to even touch your mobile phone once.

Sounds interesting and it is interesting! Yeah. All you need to do is install the freely available MightyText android app from Google Play store, link your device with your google account and that’s about it. MightyText requires constant internet connections as its only requirement (In order to push data to and fro between computer and your device).

I did use it for a while since I am hooked on to my laptop for almost the entire day (Yeah, miserable innit?!). Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for me, I was able to read/send messages without any issues. The problem occurred with sync’ing. Maybe because I am using CyanogenMod that MightyText failed to sync sms’s after initial sync.

Anyhow, despite of this issue, I’d still recommend you to try out this app. Its available for free, makes your life easy. No harm in giving it a shot 🙂

You can download MightyText from Google Play Store using the following image link:


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