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ShopClues Launches Unboxed Phones Of Samsung, Asus, Lenevo, Xiaomi & OnePlus

ShopClues.com has launched the ‘Unboxed’ phone category on its platform and within a month it has recorded 2X growth, as claimed by the company. The Unboxed range of smartphones available are of reputed brands like Samsung, Asus, Lenevo, Xiaomi and OnePlus etc. ShopClues plans to launched more brands under this category in the coming months buoyed by its high popularity and demand.

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According to ShopClues, Unboxed products are neither defective nor previously used. This category simply refers to items that were returned to the seller for reasons such as dispatch of the wrong model. The products have never been opened by the customer to whom the wrong package was shipped or by the seller to check the contents. The items are as good as new since they come with the original box and accessories as well as Brand Warranty of 6 months.

The other reason why ‘Unboxed’ smartphones enjoy such great acceptance in India is that prices of mobile devices drop frequently. Price-conscious consumers are therefore hesitant to purchase new and expensive devices. The Unboxed category allows them to get expensive products at discounted prices. Additionally, customers can visit the nearest service centre with the invoice and claim warranty within six months of the purchase, just as they would do with a new phone.

Amazon.in has also started selling select refurbished models of Samsung phones with 6 months warranty and in the coming days, we can hear about such announcements from other e-commerce sites.


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