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Shout App For iOS Released For Sharing Location-Specific Content

Spangle Inc. has released today Shout app for iOS 6 and above, which has features of location-specific sharing. With this app, users can pick any place in the world to send and share content to ensure content remains relevant and meaningful for users.

Shout app enables the uers to focus their shout radius anywhere in the world from 25 feet (one building) to 25 miles (an entire city). With this app, the uers can shout pictures, ask questions, make plans and get creative.


According to the company, the app features two main feeds, one for local shouts and one for your personal shouts. Only shouts within “shouting distance” of each user will appear in their local feed. Users can reply to local shouts, chat with other users, or show the best shouts some extra love. Shout empowers users to create and consume location-specific content across the planet and provides an entirely new and fun way to share, consume, and connect with content that is actually relevant.

“Shouters can ask questions, find people nearby, or just share an amusing picture. The “you had to be there” effect is frustrating for content creators and consumers alike. There is a constant struggle for creators to reach relevant audiences and for consumers find relevant content to consume. Shout is a new breed of social sharing that lets content creators cut through the noise to reach relevant audiences and lets the consumers of content move away from cluttered and irrelevant social feeds and consume content they actually care about,” said Misbah Ashraf, Chief Growth Officer, Spangle Inc.

You can download the app for free from here: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/shout-pics-to-your-dorm-class/id951847606?mt=8


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