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SmartMovie Crashes Seconds After Running Video? – Temporary Solution

Does SmartMovie installed on your device, crashes as soon as you start the application?

Well, this is one of the most common problem faced by users of SmartMovie. I, too, being a smartmovie user had this problem a lot many times. Upon searching the lonelycat games forums I found no fix for this problem. Moreover, the staff of lonelycat games forum had no idea about the solution to this problem. I, therefore, decided to write a post with a (possible) temporary fix to this problem. Though, I can’t guarantee that the steps I am going to share will definitely work but these worked for me every time SmartMovie failed to start/crashed on my device (Nokia 5230 and Nokia 5800) and might as well for you. Follow the steps as given below and you might be able to start viewing .avi files again via Smartmovie:

  1. Go to “File Manager”.
  2. Locate the file (From ‘C’ or ‘E’ drive, wherever you have installed SmartMovie) “privatm” and open it.
  3. Delete the folder named “a000b868”.
  4. Exit the file manager.
  5. Un-install SmartMovie from your mobile phone.
  6. Re-start your mobile phone.
  7. Install SmartMovie again.

That’s it! Hopefully, smartmovie will not crash after following the above mentioned steps. And in case this does not solve your problem, then follow all the 6 steps and in the 7 th step, instead of installing the application in Memory Card, install it in Phone memory.

And don’t forget to tell me, if this worked for you or not. In case you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask your queries via comments section!


  1. Tested on S60 V3 phones (N73)

    1)First uninstall cracked version

    2)install demo version( works for 1hour after it you need to buy it) from

    *pls note dont play demo version more than 59.59 minutes if it occurs smart movie stops working forever until u format ur phone *

    3) Uninstall demo version

    4) Now install cracked version it plays now without crashing..


  2. Hey first install orignal smart movie from http://www.lonelycats.com then replace it with the crack version now you got the full version

    now you should put your phone to offline while wathing videos in smartmovie..,
    if you do this you want face the problem again
    -do comment if it works

  3. Paritosh, as you said i tried locate that private folder but it isn’t there. i am using N97 S60V5. please help, i’ve tried uninstalling and even replacing the setup numerous times. please reply some helpful.

  4. Hi guys, i got ths bug .
    First completely uninstall ur smartmovie by any uninstaller nd restart ur mobile, thn instal d previous version of smartmovie nd again uninstal it ,lastly instal ur newer version the bug is fixd now…
    Ex:if u instald smartmovie 4.15 thn uninstal it nd restart ,nw instal older versiön smartmovie 4.10 ,lastly remove the older version nd instal smartmovie 4.15 ur bug is fixd.
    Note:aftr every instal nd uninstal restart ur mobile.

  5. Workaround… Well, i shared what worked for me. And FYI even SmartMovie doesn’t have a solution for this 🙁 BTW, did you upgrade firmware of your device? That might help.

  6. Hey…I did all the said steps…but its not working for my Nokia 5230…I deleted the said folder, uninstalled it, restarted the phone, installed the player, installed the crack…but same thing…it closes when I select a video from library for playing…Is there any workaround ?? Thanks in advance

  7. The above mentioned work around isn’t guranteed to work. However, It did for me. And if this isn’t working then try Soft Reset and/or Hard Reset (backup your data).

  8. I followed your method…Since my mobile is unhacked i was unable to c the private folder…SO i uninstalled and installed in memory card and connected to the pc…Went to the private folder- inside it i deleted the folder you mentioned and didd all other steps but still i face the problem..The error is It jus exits automatically wen i open…
    Der is no folder named “privatm” its “private” only rite?
    Wat shud i do now?…I face this prob after i updated my firmwire to v51..

  9. smartmovie 4 stops playing video after a few seconds. it does not exit the application, but it stops playing.

  10. Try out the above given steps again. I, too, am annoyed with the same problem appearing again and again. Lonelycatgames must do something about this bug.

  11. the problems is happen again with the smartmovie applications..when play its closes itself..

  12. thanks a lot its work to me.. i follow the steps and my friends nokia 5800 problems fixed..GBU


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