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Smartphone Addiction Is Increasing Day By Day – Not Good For Health

YouTube’s head of content, Robert Kyncl said in a speech at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that more Android devices are activated per day than babies are born on Earth. Kyncl joked that Andy Rubin, Google’s director of mobile, was now looking for customers on other planets.

Besides Android smartphones, Apple’s  activations are not known but by a rough estimate, Apple’s  activations of all devices running iOS, including iPods, iPhones and iPads, would be around 250 million.Then there are smartphones on Windows platforms especially of Nokia Lumia series.

With so many smartphones in the hands of consumers, what would be its effect on its end users. Many adults had become so addicted to their smartphone that they suffer from anxiety and withdrawal symptoms when they do not receive any text messages, a new study has revealed. Some users are so hooked on the gadgets that they even report feeling phantom vibrations, convincing them they have received a text or call when they have not.

Psychologists from the University of Worcester found that some smartphone users become obsessive and upset when they do not receive notifications, such as Facebook or Twitter alerts, and emails, the Herald Sun reported.

“So many people have smartphones now that the effect they are having on their lives and the amount of time they are spending on them is, to be honest, quite scary. The amount smartphones are being used is going up and up with the introduction of new apps”, said study author Richard Balding.

Surfeit of usage of technology is not good for the health of the users. Although smartphones and tablets are good devices but they should be used to a limit and one should not be wedded to these devices, which are harmful for the well-being of an individual.


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