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Smartphone Apps Can Help Ease Pain At The Pump & Driving

Anyone driving a motor vehicle in the United States has experienced pain at the pump lately. Luckily, help is just a click away on your smartphone thanks to some great applications designed to steer you to some serious savings.

According to the American Automobile Association, gas prices are rising at an average of two cents a day. With Americans driving three trillion annual miles in their cars, those with smartphones like the DROID 4 by Motorola, Galaxy SII by Samsung, Apple’s iPhones or tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 are poised to save the most on the price of fuel.

You find a number of highly-rated apps for your iOS or Android device (data rates may apply for download/use). Here are a few that can help get you back on the road and give your wallet a break.

  • VZ Navigator – Updated every 60 seconds using 1.8 billion traffic probes offering turn-by-turn traffic directions and detours, VZ Navigator helps drivers discover the most efficient ways to get to their destinations, avoiding wasted fuel. It also shows local gas prices (including distance from current location and address) without initiating a search.
  • Gas Buddy – Locates gas stations near you and shows current gas prices.
  • Gas Mileage Calculator – This free app helps drivers figure out their cars’ gas mileage and cost per mile. Users simply enter their mileage, number of gallons and cost per gallon from their last fill-up and press the calculate button to see the results.
  • Fill ‘er Up – Time for a road trip? This app calculates your gas expenses. Just enter the trip distance, fuel price, car mileage (mpg) and the number of travelers in the car and it calculates the gas needed, total cost and cost per head.

So, get your motor running and head out for the highway. Thanks to these and other great apps like them, you can save some money and enjoy driving again..!!


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