Smugglers Have A Field Day On Launch Of New iPad


Apple lovers got their most sought after new iPad device on launch day, retailers are making money by selling new gadget like hot cakes and lo and behold!

Another breed of smart and clever businessmen called smugglers have made huge profits by buying in bulk new iPads on opening day and still doing so and exporting them to those countries where the new device will arrive officially few weeks later.

Maximum unofficial iPads has been exported to China and as per Daily Mail figure, it could be more than 200,000 to Chinese city Shenzhen alone, a city bordering on Hong Kong. China is going to get official new iPad today and by this time, the smugglers have already made a killing.

Similarly, in the UK, Black market gangs paid as much as £300 to jump the queue in order to buy bulk purchases of the new tablets so they could then be sold on at a profit. According to Daily Mail, new iPads purchsed in bulk on the opening day have been exported to India and to other countries besides China. The new iPad will not be on sale officially in India for at least another week.

Surprisingly, new iPad is available on an Indian e-commerce portal of for INR 36,799 for 16GB model. How they procured this device before official launch in India, is beyond our comprehension. May be this portal has some arrangements with other suppliers of a country where this device has already been launched.

But one thing is clear that those associated with Apple whether in legal way by investing in the company or selling their devices officially or those selling unofficially are reaping rich dividends.


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