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Snapdeal Launches “Smartfeed” Personalized Shopping Guide for Customers

One of India’s largest online marketplace Snapdeal.com has launched “Smartfeed” – a personal shopping guide for its customers. Smartfeed provides the prospective customers personalized shopping ideas and list of products, which are trending the most and popular on the portal of snapdeal.

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The launch of this feature marks the integration of Doozton.com (a product discovery platform) which was acquired by the company earlier this year, with Snapdeal’s existing recommendation and personalization technologies, said the company in the press statement.

‘Shopping Ideas’ is a product discovery platform built on Hadoop and other Big Data technologies, which crunches over 3 billion data points daily for over 5 million users. It considers all the user interactions of the users across the 5 million catalog size. It recommends over 1000 products to the user based on their personalized interests, similar user classification, current purchase trends and future behavior prediction.

Smartfeed currently covers 20% of the Snapdeal user base and the company plans to extend this feature to its entire user base within the next 3 months.

Speaking about this, Ankit Khanna, SVP – Product Management, Snapdeal.com said, “At Snapdeal.com, we constantly endeavor towards offering a better shopping experience to our customers. Given the size of selection of products that Snapdeal offers, we believe the key lies in personalizing the shopping experience online to match their experience in the offline store. Smartfeed has been launched in line with this and we hope to see a positive response from our customers.”


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