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Garmin Introduces Three Portable Naviagation Devices – nüvi 55LM, nüvi 65LM & nüvi 2567LM

Garmin Corporation, the global leader in satellite navigation has forayed into Portable Navigation Device (PND) and launched today their first three models in India. These three PNDs are — nüvi 55LM, nüvi 65LM, and nüvi 2567LM, priced at Rs. 10,990, Rs. 14,990, and Rs. 17,990 respectively. These PNDs will be available in Indian markets from 27th June.


The nuvi 55 LM has easy-to-use dedicated GPS navigator that features a bright, 12.7 cms dual-orientation display(480×272 pixels) which can be used horizontally or vertically. The nüvi 55LM enables you to keep your device up-to-date with the latest maps that Garmin has to offer free of charge. This device has a battery life of 2 hours.


The nüvi 65 LM also has easy-to-use dedicated GPS navigator that features a bright, 15.24 cms dual-orientation display, for use horizontally or vertically. The device is compatible for Tire Pressure Monitoring system (TPMS), which helps in monitoring air pressure and real time tire pressure. TPMS sensor detects the tire status every 3.7seconds and sends out the information every 15 seconds (25km/hr); 60 seconds (static). This device has a battery life of one hour.


nuvi2567LMTD_OF_047.1The nüvi 2567 LM has 12.7cm display with 480×272 pixels resolution and has advanced features that include One Search Bar- for searching POI and addresses, Quick Search List- for easy searching by categories, Advanced Highway ModeMap Tools, Bluetooth, Hands-Free calls– which shows who is calling while not blocking all your Map view and Smartphone Link – a simple way to get live info.

You can connect your smartphone only with nuvi 2567LM via Bluetooth technology, access weather information, and get real-time traffic information to take most effective routes.

This device has a battery life of 2.5 hours.

All the above three PNDs have following features Up Head, for finding places you want, Lane Assist guiding for finding proper lane for navigation, Advanced Highway Mode for asecertaining whether you are approaching exist on highway, New House Search Algorithm for easier search. The Voice Guidance is available both in Hindi and English.

Garmin has also tied up with Zomato.com, a website that deals with extensive information on recreational facilities, to help the customers get more information about the restaurants. The newly launched PNDs will have broadcast in Hindi, Indian English and 9 other Indian regional languages.


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