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‘Solve For X’ To Decode The World’s Biggest Problems – Another Innovative Leap By Google

Can you imagine what Google is imagining?

Google, already a giant in everything from search engines to social media, has announced at a highly anticipated conference that it will take aim at the world’s biggest and complex problems. The project, called Solve for X, says “it is a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems,”. The project will bring in experts from various fields to discuss innovative solutions to very real problems. This project is in the same vein as of  Google X Lab, which is in the middle of the developing advanced technologies like cars that drive themselves.

One of Google’s chief scientists, Richard DeVaul said via his Google+ page that the first round of conference videos will soon make it to the web. He said he and other like-minded individuals have already discussed topics like transforming education, improving agriculture, and developing carbon-negative biofuels. The video implies that Solve for X plans to tackle some even more perplexing issues, like climate change, cancer, and even space travel in what they call a “moonshot”.

Sometimes it appears that what we used to read in stories and see in unrealistic Hollywood movies, is going to be made realistic and Google will prove that they have the think-tank and resources to develop whatever is imagined by us. Google is proving to be technology God for all of us. Wait for exciting news and developments by Google. With all these developments, how can any government or individual even think of censoring this technology giant/God?


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