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Some Useful ColorOS Features of Oppo Smartphones For Lockdown

Since our movement has been restricted due to lockdown in the country and majority of us are working from home, smartphones are playing an important critical role It has also become important for smartphone users in India to maximize the productivity of their smartphones sitting in the comforts of their home. OPPO Smartphone users can get most out of the situation with some of the most popular and used features and apps of ColorOS. This will not only keep them up-to-date with the outside world, but will also prove to be more efficient, relaxing and inspiring during these tough times:

  • The Focus Mode – One of the greatest struggles while studying / working from home is managing distractions. This feature on ColorOS 7 allows users to set up a fixed quiet time free of any distractions on their phone, helping them to concentrate on the things they are working on and get more done.
  • Digital Wellbeing App – Staying at home often causes people to lose track of just how much time they are spending on the phones, and so this app helps monitor user’s everyday phone usage and remind them when it’s time to put down their device.
  • OPPO browser and wallpaper – To keep themselves and their families safe, users can get the very latest COVID-19 information updated in real-time from this feature. With so much information available in one place, users can avoid the hassle of having to gather information or being misled by fake news.
  • Split Screen – To handle multiple tasks with their OPPO phones, which becomes even more common when working from home, users can rely on Split Screen more often. If they become tired of using the small phone screen, they can get the screen projected effortlessly onto a TV through wireless screencast.
  • OPPO Relax App – This application offers users moments of comfort with its soothing ambient sounds, making it easier to unwind, or practice meditation, yoga and more
  • Game Assistant – The amount of time users is spending on gaming has also shot up during the lockdown. This feature on ColorOS can help accelerate the launching speed of games, and also brings smart, convenient features such as quick reply, quick screen recording and blocks notifications during gaming.
  • Soloop – With Vlogging becoming a fad during the lockdown, users have been sharing things like their newfound hobbies, or participate in trending social media challenges.  This built-in video editor for ColorOS – makes it easier for OPPO users to effortlessly create captivating videos in just seconds, with just a few simple taps.


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