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Sony India Launches Three Power Packed Headphones

Sony today announced the launch of three power packed headphones – MDR-10RNC, MDR-10RBT and NWZ-WH303, for the Indian market.

Team Sony at the launch of Sony's new headphones

NWZ-WH303 – This is a unique Headphone that offers 3 different modes of listening styles. With music player mode, you can enjoy the music stored in your smartphone, tablets or other music devices, without cumbersome handling of headphones cables. This  is designed as a headphone with integrated music player that provides comfortable wireless and cable-free music enjoyment. This headphone incorporates 2 sound enhancement features –  Clear Bass and Clear Phase. The Clear Bass feature offers solid deep-base without any distortion even when the volume is turned up, the Clear Phase mode Optimizes acoustic properties of the headphones through digital signal processing, allowing users to enjoy clear, realistic sound with depth and transparent sound field orientation of voices and individual instruments.


The speaker mode of this headphone is its unique feature. You can enjoy the music by wearing the device around the neck and setting it to Speaker Mode. As users do not need to place headphones over their ears when using this mode, they can relax and enjoy music while also hearing surrounding sounds at the same time. This is ideal in the situations like when one is caught in traffic jams and when one does not want to close the ears just for listening to music.

Sony’s speaker mode features xLOUD, which is the volume enhancing technology, and Virtualphones Technology (VPT) air, which  makes it possible to reproduce naturally expanding sound fields with the wearable device.

Finally, with headphone mode, which is Sony’s unique knowhow, one can enjoy the dynamic high-quality of sound. The 103 cm cable included with the new Headphone can also be plugged into the user’s other devices such as smartphones or Laptop/Tablet.


According to Sony, approximately 1 hour of continuous playback is possible on about 3 minutes of charging and nearly 20 hours of continuous playback on full charge. This headphone is compatible with Mac OS, in addition to Windows OS. The MRP of this headphone is Rs. 8,990, and is available across India.


Sony has also launched two high-end Bluetooth and NFC-enabled headphone models, the MDR-10RNC and MDR-10RBT, with noise cancelling and Beat Response Control features. The MDR -10RNC features Automatic AI (Artificial Intelligence) Noise Canceling function, which automatiaclly select the optimal noise canceling mode based on intelligent analysis of environmental ambient noise. This headphone comes with Digital Equalizer and full digital S-Master amplifier, which delivers ideal frequency response and high-quality music reproduction with full digital processing.

For Digital Noise canceling, this headphone incorporates Sony’s unique DNC software Engine and Dual Noise Sensor Technology. High precision canceling signal generated by digital signal processing and microphones located both inside and outside the housings enables outstanding noise canceling performance.

The headphone also sport pressure-relieving cushions, and  comes with a 1.5m connecting cord, inline remote and microphone cord for smartphones, and plug adaptor for in-flight use. The price of this headphone is Rs. 14,990 and is available across India.

The MDR-10RBT NFC and Bluetooth 3.o, can be paired with a user’s Bluetooth-compatible NFC device such as smartphone, and one can start enjoying music by simply tapping a specified place on the headphones with the device. This headphone has feature of embedded microphone enables hands – free conversation from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

This headphone comes with 1.2 m connecting cord and Micro-USB cable. This headphone is also priced at Rs. 14,990 and would be available from end of November.





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