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Speed-Rapper, Mac Lethal, Teams Up With ASUS To Promote ZenFone Max

Asus has engaged one of the world’s fastest speed-rappers, Mac Lethal to promote its ZenFone Max smartphone with massive battery of 5000mAH, which even doubles up as a power bank to charge other devices.

ZenFone Max- Never feel the rush of a low battery

According to Asus, The No Need to Rush hidden-camera stunts are set in a variety of public places, and in well-known cities around the world, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Every location was rigged with multiple hidden cameras to record the reactions of bystanders. Mac Lethal then speed-raps his urgent conversations out loud to the amazement and amusement of all around him. The hilarious results will be published on the global ASUS Facebook page, as well as the ZenFone Content Hub at,t zenfone.asus.com along with other bonus content like interviews and outtakes.

Speed-rapper extraordinaire Mac Lethal is one of the world’s fastest rappers who has become an internet sensation through his YouTube channel, which is rapidly accelerating to nearly 500,000 subscribers. Mac Lethal rose to fame in 2011 when a video of him speed-rapping while preparing pancakes went viral. That clip has since hit 35 million views, while Mac Lethal’s other videos regularly attract audiences of many millions. Fiercely independent, Mac Lethal has rejected deals from major recording companies, choosing instead to publish and promote his material exclusively on social media and YouTube.

The No Need to Rush campaign also involves a free-to-enter competition that gives every viewer the chance to win a ZenFone Max — with a total of 10 smartphones up for grabs. The game is open for fans from around the world to participate and will be hosted on a tab on the global ASUS Facebook page from 27th April 2016, where a video of Mac Lethal making the world’s fastest pizza order will be published. To participate, viewers must transcribe Mac Lethal’s order and post it to the ASUS Facebook team as a private comment. After two weeks, all valid entries will be judged for accuracy. From this pool, 10 entries will then be drawn at random — with each winner receiving a brand-new ZenFone Max.

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