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Spree Fitness Monitor Showcased At CES

Dallas-based Hothead Technologies has showcased Spree fitness monitor at CES 2014. Spree stands apart from other fitness monitors, such as those worn around the chest or arms, by analyzing the three most important variables in everyfitness routine – body temperature, movement and heart rate. The sleek and comfortable headband unit captures all the real-time data needed to optimize every workout and achieve ultimate performance, then streams the information to an easy-to-use smartphone app that charts exertion and provides visual indicators when each activity’s goal is reached.


By placing its advanced Performance Optimization Device, or POD, securely in the headband, Spree can most accurately measure body temperature, since the forehead is one of the best places on the body surface to do this, while also serving as a great place to measure heart rate.  The headband likewise addresses a frequent complaint from women about chest straps, which are often considered uncomfortable, awkward and restraining.  Studies also show that arm and wristband units tend to provide the least reliable data.

Spree measures body temperature, distance traveled, speed, time, heart rate and calories burned, and combines these data points into simple graphs that indicate when your body is hitting its ultimate stride.  Armed with this information, you learn where your body is burning the most calories, when it is building the most musclemass and at what pace you are achieving maximum endurance.

Spree uses wireless Bluetooth technology to relay real-time information from the headband device to the smartphone app.  Spree also stores the data in the unit for later download, for those without smartphones.

To order Spree today, visit www.SpreeSports.com.


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