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Good News For Students: Tackle Examination Blues With Samsung Apps

The month of March is very crucial especially for those school students who have to write their exams for their 10th and 12th standard boards. In this month, equally stressed are parents, who worry a lot about the outcome of results of their wards as the lot depends especially on the result of 12th standard to get further admission in college and subject of choice. To take stress away from the students and parents, Samsung has brought out applications that will help you prepare for the exams in a smooth manner.

Learning Hub : Samsung Learning Hub is a mobile learning service featuring a variety of interactive educational content that is suitable for users of all ages. With its key features like personalised learning management system and diverse courseware you can make learning more interesting.

Stress Management Guide : Examination stress can take a huge toll. This app helps you tackle stress and provide various stress management solution for smooth sailing during your examination period.

OpenDictionary : OpenDictionary is a dictionary application for your Android mobile phone. You can create your own dictionaries from scratch and fill it with own data on your mobile phone and edit it as per your liking. OpenDictionary can handle more than 100 000 entries per dictionary.

Maths Formulas : This application will keep you updated with all mathematics related formulas which is help you solve your mathematics problem easily. This application will be work in Android fro-yo and higher version of Android OS.

That Samsung cares for the students is evident from above apps and those students who will be benefitted from above apps and score good marks, will be indebted to Samsung for timely and appropriate apps.

Techvorm wishes all the CBSE students who will be writing their 12th standard exams tomorrow on-wards, best of luck! May their efforts yield them good results and they can achieve their set goals in life!


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