SUSE Linux Operating System Is Preferred By Top Retailers


SUSE Linux Enterprise continues to be the preferred Linux operating system for retailers, running on a variety of hardware platforms. For retailers of all types, SUSE Linux Enterprise offers reliability, lower costs and greater security, from Point of Service (POS) to data center.

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With SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, SUSE delivers the only enterprise-class Linux solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of the retail industry. The recently released SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 Service Pack 3 not only consolidates patches and updates, but it also delivers additional enhancements to help retailers optimize their IT environments.

Benefits of SUSE Linux Enterprise for retailers include:

Uptime – SUSE Linux Enterprise offers continuous uptime due to the stability of the Linux 3.x kernel and open source code. For retailers who conduct thousands of transactions within a short period of time, peace of mind from continuous uptime is invaluable during peak sales periods.

Scalability – As retailers respond to the ebb and flow of seasonal shopping traffic, SUSE Linux Enterprise allows each retailer to adapt to an elastic sales cycle, which is easily attainable in an open source IT architecture.

Efficiency – SUSE Linux Enterprise has helped more than 19,000 customers transform and modernize their data centers for future growth and innovation through UNIX-to-Linux migration, Linux support standardization, mainframe Linux workload consolidation and by simplifying administration.

Many significant retailers and SUSE partners rely on SUSE to build future-proof data centers. A few of them include:

La Curacao

“With our previous operating system, it became the norm to experience unplanned downtime which often lasted up to four hours,” said Eryk Szachniewicz, software development manager for La Curacao. “We eventually realized we needed higher availability for our mission-critical systems to support our 11 department stores in California and Arizona. We saved at least $150,000 in software and hardware costs by choosing open source software and buying four 64-bit, x86-chip servers. For more than seven years SUSE has provided the best platform for us and our customers.”

National Vision

“We chose SUSE Linux Enterprise because we believed SUSE understood the retail market and our business,” said John Vaught, CIO at National Vision. “They put us in touch with several other retail companies that were running their Point of Sale infrastructure on SUSE Linux Enterprise, and provided a terrific support and consulting team, which in turn helped us design a very flexible solution tailored specifically to our needs.”


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