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Swift Kart – New Kid On The Block Selling Healthy Food Products Online [Shopping Portal]

It is the season of e-commerce and this business is catching up fast with the internet savvy population. Slowly, busy persons and overworked household ladies have started buying online their daily needs. This saves them hassle of going to the big malls and other retailers. Sometimes, the desired healthy food products are not available in your nearby shops. Now, no need to worry and just visit SwiftKart.com and relax!

I have come across Swift Kart recently, which has come into existence few days back only. This online portal is selling healthy food products like olive oil, green tea, cereals, juices, coconut water/milk, Italian uncooked pasta and sauces, etc. This site has been designed beautifully and unlike other grocery online portals, it does not look cumbersome and crowded. Probably, the owners of this site want to give trouble free and relaxed online shopping experience and they have been successful in providing this feeling and ambiance.

I am impressed that they are promoting healthy food products like olive oil, green tea, juices, coconut water, soya milk etc., which is good for health and in this fast pace of life, we often compromise with food products and try to buy whatever is available in the market. For instance, one should use pure olive oil instead of refined oil, green tea instead of ordinary tea etc. Some of the products like pure olive oil, green tea, soya milk may look expensive, but their benefits far outweigh their prices and by using these products, one can cut short his/her medical bills in the long run.

Another plus point of Swift Kart is that it is easy to order the listed items and delivery is promised within 48 hours, which is acceptable since they are delivering products not easily available in market. The downside is that they are currently restricted to serving Delhi buyers only.

I have personally tested this site and ordered items were delivered to me within 4 hours. I was impressed with their service and this is the reason I am writing about swiftkart.com. This site intends to increase its product range and I compliment the organizers of this site for their humble beginning and wish them all the best.

P.S: I am off to ordering some olive oil, juices my doctor suggested right away!


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