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Swim: Set Your Symbian Phone To Synchronize Automatically!

Ovi by Nokia provides sync service to all the Nokia mobile phone users which allows you to take a backup of all the Contacts, Notes and Calender entries residing in your mobile phone. Being able to sync contents of your mobile phone online in Nokia’s servers is very useful functionality however it has a serious fallback in the form of auto sync. In other words if you are a Nokia mobile phone user, you won’t be able to set your device to sync automatically at a particular date/time or after a set interval. Taking into consideration the need for auto sync functionality, Swim has been developed under The Bergamot Project. Swim is a nifty application available for all the symbian running devices which allows you to sync contents of your device automatically at a set interval of time. It is an automatic SyncML trigger.

Swim, as i said above, is a small but extremely useful application with an installation size of just 68 KB (tested on Nokia 5230) that resides on your phone memory (With such small size you won’t even know if it’s installed at all!). Once you install the application, you will be taken to the home-screen of Swim wherein you can set the sync interval (After every 15 minutes, an hour, 4 hours, 12 hours, daily, weekly) of the various sync services you have setup in your mobile phone. Upon doing the necessary settings, just exit the application and you are good to go! Swim will take care of synchronizing the set contents with the different configured services as per the schedule set by you and all of this will be done without your involvement. Basically, a process runs in the background (not shown in task manager) that does all the synchronizing task under the hood. The good thing is you will not have to sync manually after installing and setting up Swim on your Symbian running mobile phone.

I found this application to be of extreme importance especially for those who keep a copy of their Contacts, Notes, Calenders, Bookmarks, Emails, Multimedia, Text messages, etc backed up online (and are changing it frequently). Swim is the perfect Remote Sync Timer, a utility that should have been embedded in the Nokia device. I will suggest every reader of this article to install Swim and save time in synchronizing manually.

Swim is compatible with almost all the mobile phones based on Symbian platform [UIQ 3, S60 3rd, 3rd FP2 and S60 5th edition (Symbian^1)]. You can download the latest version of Swim via their official download page.



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