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SyncMate – Sync Mac With Multiple Devices Using One Application

Days, when we all had one PC and one mobile phone are gone and now we all have at least 2 computers (or even more) different mobile devices, Google accounts and keep important data on USB flash drives. And you can only imagine how high is the need to sync all devices we all might have nowadays.

One of tools which will definitely help you to keep data synced in multiple devices is SyncMate by Eltima Software. This powerful yet easy-to-use utility allows you syncing various data in Mac with Windows Mobile or Nokia phones, other Mac or PC computers, PSP, USB flash drives, Google accounts and even back up data online! For the convenience of users SyncMate is offered in two editions:

  1. Free Edition will let you sync your Contacts and Calendar entries in Mac and any supported device or account for free! Sounds great since these data is the most important for every user. Moreover, with SyncMate Free edition you can visually analyze detailed information about Windows Mobile device and read SMS directly on Mac.
  2. Expert Edition of SyncMate offers additional useful options, some of them are unique – for example, possibility to send SMS messages right from your Mac! Among other options SyncMate Expert offers are the next ones. You can sync iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, separate Folders, Notes, ToDo’s, Time, Bookmarks and lots more between Mac and supported devices/accounts. SyncMate Expert allows syncing your Mac and supported devices automatically (AutoSync option) and offers Real-time sync option (available for USB flash drive, other Macs, Sony PSP, Windows PC sync; Folders sync plugin).

So, as you can see yourself, SyncMate is all-in-one sync tool for Mac OS X. The biggest advantage is that SyncMate allows syncing all mentioned above devices within one app, so there is no need to look for sync solutions for each and every device, just get SyncMate and you are ready to sync!

If you are interested in trying out the Free Edition of SyncMate and/or need more information regarding SyncMate before buying the Expert Edition the visit the official page of SyncMate.

SyncMate In Action

NOTE: I haven’t tried this application personally as i don’t own a Mac (satisfied with Windows). So, cant judge on its usability. Please consult your friends, colleague, etc before buying the paid edition of SyncMate. And do leave a comment below in case you have an opinion about this application Help other readers to benefit from your opinion regarding this application.


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