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System SEVEN – Free Push Email Mobile Application For Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile (Compete’s Paid Alternatives)

Previously I reviewed RoadSync, a mobile application using Microsoft Active exchange server to push emails to your mobile phone. It is one application with which I’ve fallen in love since I’ve come to know about it. However, it is a paid application and in some user’s view, an over priced app. And this price factor made me search for its alternative.

System SEVEN, a product of SEVEN, is a push email client for Android, bada, BREW, J2ME (Java), Symbian and Windows Mobile. Being a symbian user, I tested SEVEN’s performance on a Nokia device and to my surprise It turned out to be a great alternative for RoadSync (Nokia Messaging is still behind). Read on my review to know why it turned out to be an awesome push email client:

System SEVEN Review

As I mentioned above, I’ve been a fan of RoadSync since I came to know about it and has increased my expectations from any email client I have come across since then. Frankly speaking I didn’t expect much from SEVEN considering that it’s available for free and quite handful of free apps really push the limit. But this one was different.

Installation of System SEVEN involves the usual procedure as with any other symbian app. Nothing to discuss about. The installation size is 2 MB and the app in installed in phone memory (Rightly so). Once installed you are greeted with email account setup screen straight away which is easy, all you need to do is choose your email service provider, key in the credentials and hit “Next”! There is no need to manually enter settings for gmail as was the case in RoadSync. Easy, No? Everything is easy and free up-till now but once you enter your account details viz. Username and Password SEVEN will send and sms to setup your account instead of doing this over Internet connection.

SEVEN offers you to push email from almost all the major email service providers including Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Aol Mail besides supporting corporate Exchange server (if Outlook Web Access is allowed).

Since this sms is sent to some international premium number, you’ll be duly charged a premium rate. However your account details sent via sms are coded so there’s no need to worry about security of account credentials (Refer Sent Messages Log to see coded text message sent).

Once your account is verified email account will show up in Messages tab, well integrated with symbian os. In terms of application configurability, SEVEN provides handful of settings to play with, enough for an average user. Basic settings include option to alter push timings, weekend/weekday behaviour, exiting app on low battery. Some of the advanced settings compromise Error logging, temporarily disabling push, disable sending/receiving email from a particular id, custom signature.

Adding to all this you can also synchronize your google contacts with your phone directory which I didn’t get a chance to test but am sure will work as smooth as push email did. And it can handle more than 1 email account!

In a nutshell I found System SEVEN to be the next best preferred free alternative to RoadSync after Nokia Messaging (which I’ll not recommend). It has got almost all the elements of a good push email mobile application.

System SEVEN is available free of cost for mobile phones running Android, bada, BREW, J2ME (Java), Symbian and Windows Mobile OS. Although SEVEN has tied up with carriers all over the world (In India with Airtel as Easy Mail) but can also be downloaded manually by visiting official download page using desktop pc or mobile.


  1. ok. I m going to try it today. Btw can u giv few names of those s40(x2) app that support push notification like whatsapp does. For IM and MAILS.

  2. i have checked it. Its correct. I am using tata docomo sim. And i also tried to download after auto-update date. But still the same.

  3. i am using nokia x2. And when i m downloading this sevenmail it says sumthing like certificate error due to date. Plz help me wid any pushmail. I dont like emoze.


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