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TCL 4K QLED, UHD, FHD and LED TVs Available on Flipkart with up to 50% Discount

During Grand Home Appliances Sale (GHAS) on Flipkart, TCL 4K QLED, UHD, FHD and LED TVs are available with up to 50% discount. The TCL models on offer include 4K QLED C815, 4K QLED C715, 4K UHD P715, 4K Android P615, FHD S6500FS, HD AI S6500, HD AI S65A, LED P30S, FHD P30FS and FHD P30. The sale will be live from 17th August to 21st August on Flipkart.

4K QLED C815

This TV features Quantum Dot Technology, Dolby Vision & Atmos, and also supports HDR 10+ format for immersive TV viewing experience. It comes equipped with an IPQ engine and DTS Smart Audio processing for superior entertainment quality. It also has Hands-free Voice Control for seamless control using simple voice commands. The TV comes in 65-inch and 55-inch variants, priced at INR 1,07,999 and INR 77,999, respectively.

4K QLED C715

This TV also has Quantum Dot Technology and supports HDR 10 format, Dolby Vision & Atmos. It also features Hands-free Voice Control for convenient control through direct voice commands. Available in 65-inch, 55-inch and 50-inch, the TVs are priced at INR 92,999, INR 54,999 and INR 52,999, respectively.

4K UHD P715

This model has TCL’s AI-IN feature that enables users to search and discover content more seamlessly, and also lets them connect other smart home devices like washing machine, air conditioner, lights, refrigerator, etc. to the TV and control all of them through a single medium. It also provides Dynamic Color Enhancement that optimizes the video quality in terms of color, and Hands-free Voice Control for seamless operations. Available in 65-inch, 55-inch, 50-inch and 43-inch, these TVs are priced at INR 69,999, INR 45,999, INR 41,999 and INR 32,999, respectively.

4K Android P615

This model supports 4K HDR and 4K upscaling for better video quality. It also has Dynamic Color Enhancement and Micro Dimming for better viewing experience in terms of color and darkness. It features Dolby Audio for premium sound quality, ensuring superior entertainment experience to users. Available in 65-inch, 55-inch, 50-inch and 43-inch, these TVs are priced at INR 58,999, INR 42,999, INR 38,999 and INR 31,999, respectively.


This model has a minimalistic design and supports HDR format. It also offers IPQ Engine, Micro Dimming and other advanced FHD features for better TV viewing experience. It also sports stereo surround speakers powered by Dolby Audio. Moreover, the TV also offers a unique sports mode, which when enabled, delivers intense lifelike viewing, especially while watching live-action sports and war & action movies. It has a Smart Volume feature to reduce sound fluctuations while changing channels. Available in 43-inch and 40-inch, the models are priced at INR 27,999 and INR 21,499, respectively.

HD AI S6500

This model supports HDR format, has Micro Dimming and also has Sports Mode for immersive viewing experience. It also offers Dolby Audio and Smart Volume features as explained above. The TV also supports basic voice search, enabling users to press the dedicated remote button and give voice commands to play whatever they wish to watch. Available in 32-inches, the device is priced at INR 15,999.


This model also supports HDR format and comes equipped with Micro Dimming, IPQ Engine and Dolby Audio. It also offers DTS Decoding Technology for crisper voice quality and Smart Volume feature ensuring reduced noise fluctuations while switching channels. Available in 32-inches, the TV is priced at INR 15,999.


This model comes with IPQ Engine, Micro Dimming and supports HDR video format for phenomenal viewing experience. It also offers a Stereo Surrounding Sound Box Speaker powered by Dolby Audio for premium audio quality. It has a unique Sports Mode for sports lovers, making live-action crisper and sharper to the eyes. Available in 43-inches, the TV is priced at INR 27,999.


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