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Team Anna – Avoid Controversies – Focus On Lokpal Bill

Team Anna had started very well to take on the corrupt government and forcing them to bring strong Lokpal Bill by peaceful agitation. They have got some assurance from the government that their version of the bill would be deliberated by Standing Committee of Parliament and the bill would come up for discussions in winter session of parliament.

Keeping in view of governance deficit of UPA government, every citizen has doubts whether the government would really bring strong Lokpal Bill, yet the present government should be given a chance to stick to its commitments.

In the meantime, Team Anna seems to be digressing from its main path that is to remove corruption from this country, which has spread like cancer. Team Anna should not, for the time being, waste their energies in campaigning against Congress candidate or entering into slugfest with the corrupt leaders of the government, who would leave no stone unturned to drag Team Anna core members to controversies to create image deficit for them.

Currently, image of the present government is at the lowest level and no candidate can win any election for the time being and hence no need to campaign against them. Citizens of this country are smart and intelligent enough to decide whom to select and reject.

Team Anna core members should avoid unnecessary controversies and remain focussed on their goal to force government to bring strong Lokpal Bill. Majority of the citizens are still with Team Anna and they are watching all the developments and if the government fails to come out with strong Bill, they will join whole heartedly with Team Anna, in their future agitations.

Team Anna, please save your energies as you have to fight a long battle to wipe out the corruption from this country. All of us are still with you and shall stand with you in your future peaceful agitations.

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  1. Yes, you are absolutely right. Team Anna should not deviate from main aim- to weed out corruption from the system and bringing strong Lokpal Bill. Anna Hazare should revamp his core committee as early as possible so that no further damage is done to the serious cause which he has undertaken and citizens of this country have great expectations from him. Hope he will not disappoint all of us. He should direct his few core committee members to remain in silent mode.

  2. I fully share the deep concern expressed in the article..Anna’s noble ideals is unquestionably pristine,but then he has to careful in needlessly engaging in verbal duels and personal attacks against some of the ruling party key members. He has acquired a phenomenon following and larger than life image after his Ram lila fast and he can ill afford to lose peoples support at this juncture It does not just behove his status, now, to shift gears and do sniping.The sole aim and objective should be to focus only to the Anti -Corruption LokPal Bill and not enter other sensitive political areas.
    The current movement has been just hijacked the the Group of 4 and they continue to do irrevocable damage with their irresponsible and. immature public utterances. All of them have their hidden agenda, to maximize and capitalize the huge public platform suddenly provided to Anna for their personal ulterior motives.Time is not far off to see two of them fighting elections. All of them must have clean hands and motives, to participate in the movement.and the allegations cannot be wished away. In today’s India,a large section of so called civil society[NGOs}are also becoming a social menace,their sole aim is to collect funds and running captive family trusts. Did Swami Vivekananda. and other social reformers over the ages had to run Trust/NGOs for their movements. Why should Anna’s Team collect fund and keep for future use?Money is the starting point for corruption and soon we would see them getting more embroiled in raging controversy and misuse.
    Anna should shut up the big mouths of the Group 4 immediately and withdraw them from public glare or else the mission will gradually dented,now in its crucial stage.But then, they are no more controllable,beyond Anna..


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