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TechVorm 1 Year Anniversary Celebration – Mega Giveaway

TechVorm was launched last year (2009) in the month of April and in order to celebrate the successful completion of 1 year, we are planning a HUGE Giveaway for readers of our blog. The reason for writing this post is that we wanted to create awareness amongst the readers and first time visitors of our blog so that none of you can miss out any of the giveaways.

As far as the products (or software, to be precise) to be given in the Giveaway, i cannot disclose much. However, some of the more popular software’s to be given away are SnagIt, WinRar & iSkysoft DVD Studio Pack.

Now, if the above mentioned software’s did interest you then you might also be interested in the Giveaway dates, rules of participation, etc etc. Well, there is no set date for the launch, however we are working very hard to get the software’s arranged for the Giveaway so you can expect the giveaway to start anytime from 18th – 24th April (2010, of-course…. LOL). As far as the participation criterion is concerned, we wont be asking you anything fancy like “Become our fan on facebook” or “Follow us on twitter”. The terms may differ for each of the software to be given away but we are very clear on keeping the terms of participation very simple so that each and every one can participate and get a chance to lay his/her hands on the software’s to be given away.

Now that you know the reason for publishing this post, we would greatly appreciate if you, as a reader, could help us in promoting this Giveaway beforehand by tweeting, digging, stumbling this post. Again, we would really love your efforts in promoting this Giveaway.



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