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[Anniversary Giveaway] Konboot: Bypass Logon for Windows and Linux

Okay so as promised in our previous post, we are starting the giveaway with KonBoot utility. We hope the readers enjoy the giveaway as much as we do in giving them away !!! Anyways enjoy the softwares.

Brief Intro About KonBoot

At times we need to bypass the login authentication passwords on various operating systems like Windows 7, Vista, XP, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora for various purposes. Konboot is an amazing software utility which lets you sneak into a system without having to logon first. So if in case you forget your Windows login password or if you want to keep a check on the activities of other people then you have this amazing utility at your disposal. If used with proper authority the utility can become much handy in various schools, colleges and institutions to monitor the activities of the users.  According to the description at the tool’s site, Kon-Boot alters a Linux or Windows kernel on the fly during boot up. The result is that you can login to a system as ‘root’ or ‘administrator’ without having to know the associated account password.

Now that you know how much useful this software is and what it can do. Here is your chance to grab a personal license of KonBoot v1.1 (A product of Kryptos Logic) for FREE! On the successful completion of 1 year of our blog “Techvorm” we are giving away 5 Personal licenses of this utility each worth $15.99 absolutely free (i.e 79.95$ worth FREE license) and a 20% discount coupon for those who cannot wait or are interested in buying the software instead.

How To Participate

To participate you have to do the following 2 simple things :

  1. Subscribe to the email feed of TechVorm by entering and confirming your email id in the box given below the post.
  2. Leave a comment as to what you are going to do if you win a FREE license of KonBoot for yourself (Be fare, mentions your positive or evil intentions…. :))

The entries for this giveaway will be closed on 24th April, 2010 (Midnight) and winners will be announced in this post. So go ahead and get yourself enrolled! And yeah as i mentioned above, there is a discount Coupon too for those who cant wait to get hold of this great utility. Use techvorm15 when ordering the KonBoot personal license via their site.Please note that this coupon is good till 25th April, 2010.

And i am not asking participants to tweet or share this post on facebook as its cumbersome for some, so i would really appreciate if you share this post with your friends, colleagues and relatives!

All The Best To Participants!!!!!


Here is the list of top 5 (names) winners who have won free personal licenses of KonBoot v1.1 for themselves ! The list has been randomly generated using Random.org. Congratulations to the winners.

Winners i.e Alex Garcia, paf, Coast32, vhick and NiceTake are requested to send their Name (First & Last), home address and email address details to [email protected] as soon as possible. And all other who weren’t lucky enough to win, dont worry there are lots of giveaways to come.


  1. please send me kon boot 1.1 if you have purchase or download from somewhere. I shall be very thankful to you

  2. Hello Rahul,
    Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart.I hope my brother wouldn’t need to format his laptop now.Soon I would be forwarding you the required details you have asked for.

  3. HAI , COUNT ME IN, i would like to win a license so it would be easy to help some one who has forgot their password or if some ones children messes up their computer login password.

  4. I would like a license for konboot to help clients that can’t remember their administrator passwords and I need to work on their machines.

    Thanks and congratulations.

  5. Hey Rahul,
    I would like have one license for KonBoot Bypass Logon for Systems at my office,and it is for my good intention of duty i.e. strictly for work purpose only.Seriously I have no evil intention for using Konboot license or for anything else.I am impressed about KonBoot’s feature of altering a Linux or Windows kernel on the fly during boot up.Hope I win one license too.Also I would like to congratulate on your Blog Anniversary and Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for offering KonBoot licenses.


  6. Hello Rahul,
    My brother has forgotten the password required to logon to his laptop.Although he keeps the data on a non-system partition he still is unwilling to reformat the OS partition.That’s because he frequently installs software downloaded from “www.giveawayoftheday.com”.Now the setup files provided by the aforementioned site carry the restriction that they can only be installed during the period(usually 24 hours)the giveaway remains active on the site.Afterward they become unusable.So reinstalling the OS would wipe out those software installations and god knows when the giveaway for those software would reoccur on the GOTD site.So I was searching on the net for a tool which could resolve this mess.While searching I came across this giveaway which seems to be a lifesaver.So please count me in the giveaway.I am keeping my fingers crossed and eagerly awaiting the results.
    Alex Garcia
    P.S. Congrats on the 1st anniversay of your blog.Wishing you many more to come…..

  7. If I win a copy of the new version of kon-boot,
    I will give it as a gift to a friend of mine. His birthday is very soon, and he loves messing around with security issues.
    I don’t quite know what he would do with it, but I know it would be legal.
    I hope I win a copy.
    He does currently use the free version.

  8. Hi,

    My friend’s company has some old XP computers to be given out. I would like to get a license to bypass the admin password of Windows without reformatting them. Thanks.

  9. Hello,

    I hope i can win one of these licenses, because i need it for my clients PCs who sometimes forget their passwords, thanks in advance.

  10. Congrats for your blog anniversary. I will use the software for both bad or good intention depending on the situation and need .

  11. First, I will congratulate you a Happy Anniversary! I hope to be more success.

    If I could win a license, I will use it in my repairing some of my friends PC asking help saying “Can you help me fix this. I forgot the password”. And also for my PC as I use a very hard password in my Administrator account and sometimes I forgot the password resulting to reformat the system.

    Thank you…

  12. Hey Rahul I know something about this soft I think it’s will be useful for me becoz many time when I or My friend forget the password of os then it will definetly work. so if u could do please provide me one copy. I just twit it on twitter below is my status.

  13. Hello Rahul,

    I would love to win one Konboot v 1.1 personal license for my linux system.For evil intention part I would like observe my employees activities on their system,if they have been snooping around or really working on it.
    Thank you for truly excellent giveaway and I have subscribed as asked.

  14. Congrats for your blog anniversary! I need this software for good intentions, to troubleshoot customers and friend’s PCs. I hope I will win a license. Thanks in advance.

  15. I hope i can win this konboot cause i’m as a computer technician always Facing a problem when i want to troubleshoot pc that have administrator password.

  16. Hi this program would be useful for being able to log onto second hand pc’s picked up from the newspaper or in private sales when you do not know the previous owner’s login details! Since I anticipate getting a second hand pc for temporary use soon, where this could be an issue I could really use a license of KonBoot. Please put me in the draw for a license.

  17. Hi Rahul, thank you very much for this opportunity. Until now I had never heard about this application, but it seems very useful. Please count me in. If I win it, I don’t know when I will use it, but it will be in an emergency, I can assure you. Cheers.

  18. This program is a little gem that I would love to have. Some of its features are truly amazing. I would use it in the University Library, which for some strange reason often does not allow me to log in, even though I am a licensed user.

  19. Hi,
    Congratulations for this Giveaway .
    I like to win a license because my friends ”sometimes” forget their passwords .
    Best regards !

  20. Hi Rahul,

    I’ve subscribed. Congratulations on your blog annivesary! Hope I can win this useful program.
    My friends & colleagues sometimes forget their logon password and the only alternative may be to reformat. However I can use this program to help them bypass the logon & access their system legitimately.
    Thank you.

  21. I really want this Software. I am planning to login to the Admin User of my College PCs and Copy all the Programs so that my Practicals become easier…lol

    I hope my evil intentions don’t fail me n this competition..


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