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The Innovative Auto Repair Software, Tekmetric, is Free to the End of the Year

The innovative shop management system, Tekmetric, is free to use by all auto shops until the end of the year. The good news was announced by the creators of the management software, Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri. The pair introduced their class leading software during their feature in the March issue of Rachet + Wrench magazine. The management software’s creator also went ahead to state that their motivation and drive was to bring positive change to the industry. They stated that with their over 20 years of experience in this sector, they wanted to create a software that would help effortlessly manage the business. Sunil and Prasnath were able to achieve this goal by creating Tekmetric auto repair software.

Free to use

Sunil Patel and his business partner, Prasanth Chilukuri announced that Tekmetric is free and available for use by all auto shops in the country till the end of the year. They pointed that this decision was influenced by their desire to give a taste of goodness to the shop owners in the sector. The two businessmen stated that before they introduced their shop management system to the market, the industry was suffering due to the weak management solution available. They went ahead to add that some of the shop owners had even entirely abandoned the management solutions and went back to the old pen and paper style.

The two entrepreneurs who are also the founders of Motorwerks Auto Group stated that by offering the management system for free, shop owners can free try the solution without any hindrances. Once they can see how the Tekmetric auto repair software can help their business prosper, it will be easier for them to adopt it. Additionally, Sunil and Prasanth said that the free software offered now is a fully equipped system with all the features that will be available when the software goes on sale. These founders of Motorwerks auto Group also encouraged shop owners to join the platform now as that will make them eligible for good discounts when the Tekmetric launches early next year.

A full-featured management solution

The auto repair software, Tekmetric, combines all the features that all of the half-baked solutions had before its introduction. Additionally, the software adds some new features that will be essential in shop management. With the aim of driving prosperity in the industry, here are some of the features that the management software has:

All-in-one system

Tekmetric is an all-in-one shop management solution which offers top notch and effortless functionality. This software combines its powerful workflow management solutions with additional features to become the best shop management system. The software’s powerful workflow management tools allow you to:

Go paperless in your service costs and OEM parts estimation, invoicing and authorization

Accurately measure your business’ profitability in an instant

Create and service estimates and repair order in few minutes

Effortlessly manage multiple shops and keep tabs on their inventory

Integrate your staff labor times and OEM parts included

Access Anywhere

Tekmetric allows you as the business owner to monitor and even operate your business from anywhere through an Internet-enabled computing device. The compatible computing devices include smartphones, tablets, and computers. The auto repair business is a pretty handsy type of business that needs regular attention from the owner for it to run well. The Tekmetric platform allows you to book appointments, order inventory and even communicate with your staff and clients even when away from the business.

Enterprise-level security

The Tekmetric auto repair software system is built with your personal and business data in mind. The software is encrypted to prevent hackers and unauthorized individuals from accessing your business and personal data.


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