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The iPM For David Cameron And iAntiCorruption App For Manmohan Singh

The Prime Minister of UK David Cameron requires an app to run the country efficiently. On the contrary, the priority of our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should be to get an app developed on Top Priority to prevent rampant corruption in the country which is spreading like cancer and despite he being the most honest person, he is unable to control scandal after scandal of high magnitude.

David Cameron is testing an iPad app that helps him run the country, which has been developed by the cabinet office, and it is called the ‘Number 10 Dashboard’, and lets Cameron and other ministers see key information at a glance. A description of the app says that ‘with a few taps or swipes of his fingers, he can see very quickly what important new information has come to light, how certain government services are performing, and a selection of relevant and important news reports’.

Mr Cameron has been using it to keep track of live data relating to jobs, housing and other areas, it has been confirmed.It also monitors polls and posts on social media, allowing the PM to instantly see reaction to policies and news events.

A Cabinet Office source confirmed to the BBC that the app, which is still in its testing phase, is currently on the prime minister’s iPad, as well as devices used by a select group of staff within the Cabinet Office. It is believed the app will be rolled out across Government next year as part of a major digital overhaul.

Our PM Manmohan Singh should also take advantage of latest digital technology and the government should encourage the numerous developers available in the country to develop an app for him to arrest the disease of corruption. With the help of this app, he should immediately get the information the moment some ministry or minister commit fraud with the state. Hope his boss Sonia Gandhi and his cabinet ministers will give approval to go ahead with this project and if all of them are really serious about this matter, then one day this app can be a reality and it will somehow mitigate our sufferings to some extent!

Instead of wasting so much money in providing low-cost Aakash tablet, which is going to prove dud, the government should invest in meaningful way to develop new methods and techniques to govern this huge country in professional manner and only then the common man can heave a sigh of relief. This commitment will be a true Diwali gift of government of India to one billion plus people of this country!


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