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Top 10 Gadgets You Can’t Imagine Living Without

We are living in the 21st century, where it is really difficult to think of a day without your gadgets around. The gadgets are one of the best tools to make your day easier and convenient. The tech giants are working very efficiently everyday to produce the best innovations for us. Almost every one of us is influenced by the latest technologies around.

There are so many gadgets around which benefit us in many ways. Some entertain us while some helps us to work on the go. All of them aim to serve the best solutions for our daily necessities.

Here we bring you top 10 gadgets you can’t imagine living without:

# 1
Apple iPhone 5S


World’s most desired Smartphone comes into the foremost position on our top 10 list. Apple’s iPhone 5S is one of the most awaited launch of the year 2013. Running on Apple’s iOS 7, this smart phone packs many innovative features which make it probably the best Smartphone on the earth.

Apple also launched iPhone 5C, an affordable iPhone at the launch event of iPhone 5S. This Smartphone packs great features but is different from iPhone 5S. The tech website, techgreet.com posted a detailed comparison between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. http://www.techgreet.com/apple-iphone-5s-vs-iphone-5c/

# 2
Apple iPad Air


The second spot is also conquered by the tech giants, Apple. Apple iPad Air belongs to the fifth generation of Apple iPads. This one is the thinnest, lightest and the fastest iPad till date. The iPad Air features a 9.7-inch Retina Display with IPS technology. Apple iPad Air runs on latest iOS 7 OS, which packs many innovative features. It is powered by latest A7 chips supported with M7 motion coprocessor, making it the second most loved gadget in our list.

# 3
Apple MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air conquers the third position in our list. Apple used the name Air for the first time with its MacBooks. And now the name game is also played with its fifth generation iPads. Apple MacBook Air is the fastest, thinnest and the lightest of all MacBooks launched till date. MacBook Air comes in two variants. One sports 11-inch display while the other sports 13-inch display. This brilliant machine is powered by new generation Intel processors and runs on latest OS X making it the most desired laptop machines.

# 4
Google Glass

This one is the most brilliant wearing accessory till date. Coming from the house of search engine giant, Google Glass looks like normal wearable glasses. It connects with your Smartphone and clicks photos, makes videos, translates speech and sends messages on your voice commands. It also shows directions on the go. These high tech specs are expected to be launched in the year 2014 for the general public.

# 5
Google Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is the smallest and cheapest gadget in our list. The size of this gadget is hardly of your thumb’s size. You just need to plug this gadget into your HDTV’s HDMI port and connect it to WI-Fi, and then you can enjoy a huge world of online entertainment on your HDTV. You can also view HD videos and other contents of your Smartphone or tablet on your HDTV by connecting it to Google’s Chromecast.

# 6

World’s first Ultra High Definition television boasting organic LEDs comes on the sixth position. This was the first OLED TV featuring 56-inch 3,840 x 2,160 OLED panel. Its 56-inch panel produced high quality detailed image pixels, which redefines your TV viewing experience. Later, Sony and its competitors also introduced bigger OLED TVs but the first OLED TV received huge appreciation from every corner of the field. And hence finds a place in our list.

# 7
Sony PlayStation 4

Sony-PS4-635 (1)

No matter what your age is or to which profession you belong. Gaming is something which attracts people of all ages and types. Sony launched the fourth generation PlayStation console in 2013, which grabbed attention of all the hardcore gamers around the globe. Sony PlayStation 4 boasts great features which make it one of the most brilliant gaming consoles till date.

# 8
Canon EOS 7D SLR


Canon EOS 7D SLR conquers the eighth spot in our list. It is undoubtedly one of the best professional cameras around. This camera is well enough to cater all your clicking needs. This SLR is also popular because of its professional abilities. It packs an 18 megapixels CMOS sensor supported with innovative dual DIGIC 4 image processors for high quality images. Its advanced manual exposure control with the frame rate selector is an added feature of this device.

# 9
Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle’s fourth generation Fire tablets come in the ninth position on our list. This tablet comes in two variant sporting 7-inch and 8.9-inch display touch screens. Both these tablets gained great attention from the day of its launch. You can enjoy a huge world of Amazon contents including books, videos, music, games and lots more. They provide a nice experience of work and play together on the go.

# 10

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Last but not the least; the tenth position goes to Samsung Galaxy Gear. It looks like a normal wrist watch which is meant to show time only. But this one is meant to perform more. You can connect this wearable gadget with your Smartphone using Bluetooth technology. But it is limited to be connected with only few Android Smartphones. If you are using an iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, this one is not meant for you. It can display various details including text messages, mails, notifications,

social media updates, incoming call details and more on its screen. The user doesn’t need to look out on his Smartphones screen every time for such details.

This was our list of top 10 gadgets you can’t imagine living without. Do send us your feedback and let us know those gadgets that according to you missed our top 10 list.


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