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Top 3 Online Trends That Have Helped The Esports Industry Bloom

With 2021 almost being over and 2022 already looking like it’s going to be yet another stellar year for the Esports industry and all of its ramifications, it’s not unthinkable to learn that many people out there have still not gotten what the hype and popularity behind the world of competitive video gaming are all about. While eSports to many people still might come off as a glorified hobby, believe me, it’s not, with online betting companies, those who usually focus on March Madness Predictions or other premier sports wagering scenarios, already well immersed into the world of professional gaming.

It’s been said that the Covid-19 pandemic had a lot to do with the proliferation of the eSports industry, especially when it comes to amassing fan bases and revenue streams, but the pro gaming world has been doing its due diligence and cementing its status amongst mainstream media for some time now. With economic estimates pointing that the eSports industry is set on seeing a rise in its market value of around $11 billion by the year 2030, it’s easy to agree that there’s no real stopping the rise of eSports in the world. 

But what are some of the trends that have helped this tech-driven entertainment industry bloom and continue to thrive? Here we bring you three examples of very important trends that the eSports world has taken advantage of to accelerate their rise to the top.

Using Social Media To Pass Other Sports In Popularity Lists

One of the main problems that many of the top mainstream sports organizations and disciplines have had to deal with for some time now is how they continuously see their regular fanbases lose more and more adepts, mainly because of a loss of interest or a lack of real efforts on the organizations’ part to keep up with modern-day living. This has worked out as the perfect niche for an industry like the eSports one to come in and take over promptly and in a very dominating way.

While many sports organizations that have seen their fan base numbers take some severe hits have taken up to social media platforms to be able to reach younger demographics, the eSports industry has already been there for plenty of time. This has paved the way for them to become the premier, new, sports entertainment option for younger and more tech-driven demographic niches that are not interested in traditional sporting options anymore. Pro gamers have been at the helm of showcasing eSports as a sporting discipline for everybody, without regard to athletic advantages. 

Through their social media accounts through all different platforms, they have been able to form loyal and continuously growing fanbases that see in them a sort of everyday hero to follow and cherish. At the end of the day, while other sporting disciplines were sitting comfortably thinking that their days in the sun would never come to an end, eSports were busy at work making social media platforms their main stage to rise to the top of the mainstream sports pyramid.


While social media has helped the eSports industry and its go from being perennial nobodies to becoming mainstay players in the mainstream sports entertainment stage, it’s thanks to video streaming platforms like Twitch, where gamers can showcase not just their playing prowesses but their day to day lifestyle that has helped the pro-gaming industry reach even bigger heights. Pro gaming has become such a passionate affair for fans all over the world that by having the chance to see their favorite eSports athletes practice, advise on how to get better at games, and show a more human side to the world of gaming through streaming videos and sessions, the levels of fandom have been on a constant growth spur with no real signs of stopping.

Many of the world’s leading business and service companies have seen this and have found a perfect way for their products to have even bigger platforms of exposure, by sponsoring the eSports pros and having them show off their products, directly or even indirectly. From computer and tech equipment companies to even food and beverage entities have found that by having eSports gamers endorse their products, their sales automatically hit promising boosts in sales and revenue. This of course does not come cheap though, making it one of the most important driving tools behind the enormous revenue-grossing results that the eSports industry sees year in and year out.

Online Betting

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, almost all if not all professional sporting leagues in the world had to come to a haltering stop to protect the safety and health of everyone involved. While this was a necessary move to be made, online betting companies and sports wagering fans took a hit because of the lack of sporting action to bet on, but it wasn’t long for the betting enterprises to turn their attention over to the one sporting discipline that had no problem continuing, given that its main base of action was done online the eSports discipline.

As soon as the online sports betting industry took a serious interest in offering fans the chance to wager on eSports leagues, tournaments, and matches, revenue started pouring in as nobody had expected. Not only were regular sports betting fans immediately hooked with the action, but also eSports fans who decided to give betting on gaming a try were hooked as well. This automatically meant yet another promising advantage for the eSports industry in their mission to continue growing and cementing their status as one of the most important sporting options in mainstream society in the present and moving forward in the future.


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