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Top Apps To Optimise Your Windows Phone

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Microsoft is known for its world class software and has now ventured into providing UI for mobile phones as well. Initially it did face some fire for its uninteractive and complicated user interface but it has a real winner on its hands with the Windows Phones.
The user interface is being accepted by a large number of people and in the first quarter of 2015, there was a surge in the number of users who purchased Windows phones. If you own one too, make sure to equip these top apps to unleash the power of your phone:

myTuner Radio

This is a great app for music lovers who love to explore different genres of music. If you’re not a fan of downloading and like to stream live music, this app brings you over 30,000 radio stations which are spread across as many as 120 countries all around the globe. You are also given access to over 1 million podcasts allowing you easy navigation across channels and brings a very effective search to get you the kind of music you’re in the mood for. You can also save your favourite stations to not keep having to look for them over and over again.

Geo Cam

Selfies and photos are all the hype these days and there are many apps available to let you add filters making photos look very modified and photos sometimes lose their essence. Geo Cam is a very helpful app that lets you do so much with a photograph. You can add data to the photograph to highlight details like location, time, date, name, direction etc. in case you want to take photographs for professional uses. You can show clients pretty much everything they need to know through photographs. Like they say a photo speaks a thousand words and let this app help you say a few of those!


This is a great RSS newsreader exclusively for Windows Phone that lets the user follow and be up to date with any blog or website and follow what is published to never miss out on what’s new! The content is arranged in different categories and you can optimize the content to your requirement by changing the font sizes. You can also put it on audio mode that reads out the content to you in case you’re too tired to read. This is a great app for those who like to relax with some light reading!

ESPN Score Center

This is a great app for sports lovers who cannot live without catching up on their favorite game. You can now follow over hundreds of leagues and get coverage from sports across the globe. You can also access live scores, game statistics and a play by play commentary through this app. This isn’t all; you also get to read news articles and watch videos of games you follow. Once your favorite team is pinned to the home screen as a live tile, you’ll never miss any update about it.


This is an app for all the music lovers who love listening to music as it helps them identify the songs they’re listening to . Just tap the button and let the app hear a bit of the audio and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about the song- the lyrics, artist, album and it saves your history so you can review it in case you want to listen to the song again. This is a great way to remember and discover great songs and you can even get links to watch the songs on YouTube.

Your Windows phone can do so much more than being just a pretty phone. Unleash it’s hidden potential with these amazing apps that will truly transform your phone and keep you entertained and informed at all times!

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