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Touchscreen Maker Sollensys Widens Its Wings, Enters U.S Market

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Sollensys is the leading provider of small – to medium-sized capacitive touchscreens in the high-quality and advanced technology end of the touchscreen market. Recently, Sollensys Corp has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Sollensys Corporation – the South Korean Manufacturer of Touch Screen Panels and the appointment of Frank Woo as CEO. The South Korean company holds a number of patents on the touchscreen panel manufacturing process.

Sollensys, in addition to holding several patents on the process of creating touchscreens, manufactures three components of touchscreen modules: glass, touch sensor panels, and LCD displays, for use in three different varieties of touchscreen devices. The company sells the combined product for use in standard 3.5-inch, 4-inch, and 10.1-inch mobile devices, but also offers customized touch screen solutions.

Sollensys's customers include Chinese mobile device companies KPT Company and T-Smart, and Chinese companies that supply smart phone terminals to companies like China.com and ChinaMobile.com. Its touchscreens could potentially be used in devices sold by leading popular smartphone makers like Apple Inc. of USA, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics of South Korea, HTC of Taiwan and  Blackberry of Canada in the future. The company has recently entered US market and plans to expand its global presence to 12 countries by 2016.

Sollensys has huge growth potential for its products because of ever increasing demand of smartphones and tablets worldwide. Touch screen panels have become the dominant user interface today; 2012 saw a 68% increase in touch screen panel orders, as smartphone manufactures start to phase out feature phones. The popularity of smartphones is so big that it is estimated that  by the end of this year 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use. According to another estimate global smartphone shipments are expected to grow 30% to 865 million units in 2013. Similarly,  production of tablets tripled to 79.6 million units in 2011, and because of soaring demand for tablets, the figures for 2013 would be anybody's wild imagination.

The touchscreen market is one of the most exciting growth areas in the mobility arena and Sollensys has the credentials and expertise to be a major player in this expanding  market. The heightened popularity of both tablets and smartphones greatly increase touchscreen demand, and in this scenario, touchscreen manufacturers  like Sollensys have golden opportunity to hit the jackpot.

For details about Sollensys products, visit their website Sollensys.

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