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Trimmed LINE Lite App Introduced To Conserve Data Consumption

Line Corporation has introduced trimmed version of LINE Lite mobile app to enable users to use it without any hiccups, who are still using 2G technology and reduce any entry level barriers. According to the company, ”LINE Lite aims to maximize user experience whilst reducing the dependence on infrastructure to use it. Though keeping the key features of LINE, LINE Lite is beneficial for consumers who have less preference or needs for various functions.”

According to the Department of Telecom (DoT), there are over 944 million wireless telephone connections – a 97% share of the total services – and yet, less than 10% of the total mobile subscribers have transitioned to 3G.

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LINE Lite app is of 1MB size compared to 23MB of standard LINE app. Because of its trimming, LINE Lite is now 25x faster to install compared to normal LINE, as claimed by the company. Despite its reduction in size, LINE Lite retains core features of text, image based communication and the much  appreciated stickers. LINE’s multiple language function – lighter than the Android alternative – helps in minimizing the size of the app but does so without compromising the needs of their multi-lingual users.

The compact size of LINE Lite has major advantage of reduction in data consumption. The LINE Lite application will help conserve data, thereby making a huge difference in areas where internet percolation is still in nascent stage.

To use LINE Lite, the pre-existing LINE users do not need a separate ID to use LINE Lite.

The LINE messenger app is used by over 211 million monthly users (as of July, 2015) in 230 countries and regions, as per statement of the company. With the launch of LINE Lite, the application will be the first of its kind in the instant messaging segment to cater to those regions who have limitations in infrastructure and low-spec smartphone.

LINE Lite mobile app is now available for android users in India and 10 other countries as first phase. It will be available for global users from 17th August except Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hongkong, Iran and Cuba.


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