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Truecaller App Now Available On Windows Phone

Truecaller, the world’s largest verified mobile phone app is now available on the Windows Phone Store. The new Truecaller for Windows Phone can be downloaded from Windows Phone store. Truecaller is made available for a larger user base given Windows Phone rise in the mobile phone markets, specifically India. With this, Truecaller is set to leverage on the enhanced avenues and reach users over fresh and exciting platforms.

image001 (5)With Truecaller, Windows Phone users can now claim their phone numbers, add names, a profile photo and other contact information. Truecaller allows the users to safeguard their phones against spam calls, telemarketing calls and block any specific numbers. Truecaller now comes with a sleek new design, complete with editable personal profiles.

Features of Truecaller in Windows:

1. Comes with a new feature known as Spam notification which will notify you when a top spammer tries to call you using a new Call Filter.

2. Users can get badges which will symbolize that a user’s name is true, according to Truecaller phone community. By having your real name on your Truecaller profile, employers, clients, friends, family and new friends are easily able to identify you when you call, reducing the chances of your call being blocked or unanswered.

3. It supports now 29 languages includifng English, Hindi.


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